10 Terrible Movies That We Love Anyway

By Morgan Gardiner

There are plenty of bad movies out there, and mostly audiences feel that their time has been wasted by sitting through them. Then there are movies that are so bad and over-the-top audiences end up laughing and enjoying themselves.

Whether it be a movie with a totally ridiculous concept, a nonsensical script or awful acting, some movies can’t help but be enjoyed as the piece of terrible cinema they are. Here are ten of them:

1. Show Girls (1995)

For a movie about dancing, Show Girls has a lot of really bad dancing. In one memorable scene, main character Nomi (Elizabeth Burkley) almost knocks out five or more people while flailing wildly at a dance club, and that’s before the fight breaks out. But not content to have some of the worst dancing in film, Show Girls also has some of the worst acting. Nomi shouts most of her dialogue and the film’s antagonist Cristal (Gina Gershon) balances this out by whispering most of hers. It’s a movie that is impossible to be played at a reasonable volume.

On top of that, there never was a film that made less sense with its characters reasoning than Show Girls. It’s like the cast have had complex discussions about motives and relationships off screen, but as soon as the camera is on they develop an instant case of amnesia and settle whatever the problem is through who can scream the loudest. In addition to that, the plot is insanely convoluted.

There are high fantasy epics with fewer subplots. Yet somehow, Show Girls is still a cult classic, with a nomination for worst movie of all time at the Golden Rassies under its belt. It’s a bad movie that audiences have loved to hate for over twenty years, and that will → continue…

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Rotolight NEO 2 – Is the sequel better than the original?

By Matthew Allard ACS

Sometimes the sequel fails to live up to the original, so how does Rotolight’s new NEO 2 stack up against its predecessor? On paper the NEO 2 looks to be…

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The Tragedy of Second Generation Failure

By philcooke

It’s been reported that 70% of second generation businesses fail in America. That made me think of nonprofits, churches, and ministries in the same light. Is it true of those organizations as well? Over the years, I’ve consulted on numerous leadership transitions of some of the highest profile pastors and Christian leaders in America and I […] → continue…

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Palm Springs International FF Closing Night Jan. 14th

By Olivia Gleichauf

For PSIF Festival’s closing night they will be screening The Last Movie Star. In this film, an elderly movie star receives an invitation to an awards show that allows him to stroll down memory lane, which moves his dormant heart. An octogenarian, Burt Reynolds shares scenes with his younger self, and delivers a resonating performance […]

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IMC January 14, 2018

By Olivia Gleichauf

Welcome Below the Line Subscribers, We have another busy week ahead of us! The Palm Springs Film Festival will be ending, and the Sundance Film Festival will be beginning. Just like the PSIF Festival, the Sundance Film Festival will have plenty of events and screenings to attend! The Location Managers Guild International Awards […]

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ADG 800 Gallery – Exhibition of Scenic Artist Duncan Alanson Spencer’s Personal Art

By Staff

ADG Gallery 800 Presents “The Golden Brush: A Tribute To Duncan Alanson Spencer” Honoring The Legendary Motion Picture Scenic Artist ‘Near the Top of Old Toll Road (Mariposa)’ / 1987 Exhibit Opening: February 10th Duncan Alanson Spencer (1911-1999), the legendary Scenic Artist behind some of Hollywood’s greatest films, will be honored by the Art Directors […]

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29th Annual Producers Guild Awards – January 20, 2018

By Olivia Gleichauf

The Producers Guild Awards is a must-attend event for the industry that celebrates the finest producing work of the year. This marquee event gives the guild an opportunity to honor some of the living legends who have shaped our profession. Held at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles, this event provides PGA members a […]

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Sundance Film Festival – January 18-28, 2018

By Olivia Gleichauf

The Sundance Film Festival is a 10-day festival that hosts more than 40,000 people a year! The Festival takes place in three cities of Utah: Park City, Salt Lake City, and the Sundance Mountain Resort. Shuttles and lodging are provided between locations to make your experience as fun filled as possible. When not viewing films, […]

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Is Kodak Coin a Scam?

By Canon Rumors Kodak Coin was announced to much confusion last week at CES. Beyond they coin, they also announced a mining computer, that most discarded as a complete scam, as it didn’t take into account the average of a 15% decline in revenue per month while mining bitcoin. The initial coin offering for Kodak Coin is January … → continue…

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The 20 Most Visually Stunning Movies of 2017

By Shane Scott-Travis

2017 was a particularly stunning year for film as so many awe-inspiring visuals lit up living rooms, bijous, drive-ins, and multiplexes the world over.

Taste of Cinema’s tireless and exciting search for the most visually exquisite films of 2017 was no easy charge, and not one we undertook lightly, although several films stood out straight away. The assembled list presented here offers up the finest films of dazzling depth, stirring symmetry, gorgeous framing, and assured grace. Enjoy!

20. Mimosas

Dubbed by its director and co-writer Oliver Laxe (You Are All Captains) as “a Religious Western”, this Nespresso Grand Prize winner was filmed on location, high in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Divided into three chapters, Mimosas tells the ponderous tale of a caravan escorting an elderly sheikh who’s close to death and wants to be buried with his loved ones in Sijilmasa. During the rugged trek the sheikh succumbs and, fearful of the mountain paths and the obstacles around the, the caravan refuses to continue and fulfill the dead man’s wish. That’s when Saïd (Said Aagli) and Ahmed (Ahmed Hammoud), two rogues traveling with the caravan, make the bold claim that they know how to get to Sijilmasa and will transport the sheikh’s body there.

Shot by cinematographer Mauro Hercend and snipped by editor Cristóbal Fernández, Mimosas is a 16mm miracle of a movie crammed with long shots of people, their accompanying mules, and automobiles moving through the mountainous landscapes, harkening to the vistas of Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972).

But it’s not just the misty winter landscapes that hold the frame here, the non-professional actors deliver striking and genuine performances, with faces that Laxe loves to linger on, telling much of his tale via profound portraiture.

19. Dunkirk

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Gallery Update: Panasonic Lumix DC-G9

Since initially publishing our G9 sample gallery late in 2017, we’ve had the chance to spend substantially more time shooting with it. Now that the full G9 review is live, we wanted to revisit that gallery and update it with additional ACR conversions, out of camera JPEGs, and high-res mode samples. Without further adieu, the updated G9 sample gallery…

See our Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 gallery

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Guest post: Top 10 Most Popular Lenses in UK

By SonyAlpha Admin

Fat Lama sent me their findings about the most rented lenses in UK: Top 10 Most Popular Lenses New data on camera lens rental demand gives clear insight into the most commonly sought lenses for rental in the UK. The research comes from peer-to-peer rental platform, Fat Lama, which allows both individuals and business users […]

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