10 Horror Movies That Provoked Physical Illness

By David Zou

It’s no secret that some movies have had controversy surrounding them since the day they were released, and the main culprits are horror movies. For decades, creators of horror have tried to out-do each other on gore, jump-scares and generally getting in to viewer’s heads, and many have been accused of more.

From vomiting and fainting in the cinema to miscarriages and more, horror movies have a lot to answer for. Upon hearing the stories of people that have seen them, many would just disregard the idea of watching them altogether, or do so with caution and near a toilet. Of course, it’s very difficult to write about something that hasn’t had your full attention… which brings us here. To a list of horrors that have a bit of a reputation for themselves. Need I say spoiler alert?

10. Gerald’s Game (Mike Flanagan, 2017)

The scene in question – The main character skins her hand to get out of handcuffs.

The accusation – Caused people to faint.

Gerald’s Game is a recent psychological horror that really tries to play with the mind. When we think of Stephen King with think of jump-scares, creepy things in the night and blood, and if you go in with that mindset you’re in for a bit of a disappointment.

Starting out as a loving, well-intentioned, romantic getaway to refuel the fire in their sex life, Gerald and Jessie arrive at their destination. No neighbours, no workers, no distractions. This quickly turns into a game that Jessie doesn’t want to play, and disturbing childhood memories come flooding back. Being handcuffed to the bed in an attempted sexy manner, there isn’t much she can do when her husband suddenly dies of a heart attack. It’s suggested that this is a result of the over-use of Viagra.

It’s not → continue…

From:: Taste Of Cinema