New vision from the Atlas Lens Co. Orion Series Anamorphic Primes – 40mm, 65mm, 100mm

By Matthew Allard ACS

New vision from the Atlas Lens Co. Orion Series Anamorphic Primes has been released. Atlas Lens Co. showed a prototype lens at NAB last year and we were impressed by…

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View the sites of Scotland in glorious 8K – if you have the right monitor that is

By (Simon Wyndham)

The benefits of downsampling are clear to see

Go on, we know you want to see it, even if you’re an 8K sceptic!

  • 8K
  • Scotland
  • RED Helium

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    The JOBY GripTight PRO TelePod is a tripod… and a grip… and a selfie stick

    Joining the GorillaPod Mobile Rig recently launched by JOBY comes another new product from the company: the GripTight PRO TelePod. This little telescoping tripod doubles as a lightweight extending pole and is designed primarily for professional video creators working with smartphones or small cameras, such as an action cam.

    The JOBY GripTight PRO TelePod supports both landscape and portrait modes, as well as adjustable tilt for selfies. The tripod weighs 359g / 12.7oz and sports the company’s GripTight mount, as well as a hand grip, extended grip, and both elevated and tabletop tripod modes. A removable Bluetooth Impulse Remote Shutter enables users to capture shots remotely.

    In addition to the tilting tripod mount, the GripTight PRO TelePod includes a cold shoe PRO mount for accessories, and a Pin Joint mount for action cameras like GoPro. The tripod can be extended to lengths up to 79cm / 31in and is made from fiberglass-reinforced nylon plus stainless steel. The tripod’s legs have three positions and a maximum flattened leg span of 36cm / 14in.

    The GripTight PRO TelePod is available from JOBY’s website now for $100 USD.

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    Contender: Editor Valerio Bonelli – Darkest Hour

    By Staff

    Editor Valerio Bonelli read the script for Darkest Hour in early 2016 when he was doing another project with director Joe Wright. “At first I thought, ‘Why is Joe making a film about Churchill? There have been so many stories about Churchill,’” shared Bonelli. “Then I read the script and realized it wasn’t really just about […]

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    Nuovo Gimbal Zhiyun Crane Plus “Smart” per le fotocamere fino a 2,5kg

    By News

    Il produttore Zhiyun Tech ha presentato il suo ultimo stabilizzatore elettronico portatile Crane Plus o (Crane +) rivolto agli utilizzatori di reflex e fotocamere mirrorless. La Zhiyun Tech ha annunciato il nuovo Crane Plus, appena due mesi e mezzo dopo Crane 2, non è stato gradito da molti proprietari di Zhiyun Crane 2, che hanno appena

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    Report: GoPro has laid off 200-300 more staff from its drone division

    Californian action camera manufacturer GoPro has laid off between 200 and 300 staff, according to a report by TechCrunch. The report claims the redundancies have been made in the division of the company that builds it aerial offering—the Karma drone—and that GoPro cited a need to “better align our resources with business requirements” as the reason for the layoffs.

    GoPro has suffered in recent times, with its share price taking a hammering and profits showing in negative figures. One of the main reasons for this was the much-anticipated Karma drone, which had to be recalled after it was discovered the battery could shake itself loose, causing the device to lose power mid-flight and plummet back to Earth.

    The company claims that, since returning to stores, Karma has been the number 2 best-selling drone priced above $1,000 in the US for a period of six months up to September 2017. Even so, it would have faced (and still does) stiff competition from former partner DJI.

    GoPro’s November report to shareholders announced increased revenue of $300 million, up 37% on the same quarter last year, and a gross margin of 40%. The company was in profit too, making $15 million against a loss of $104 million in the third quarter of 2016. However, the share price has remained low, with current trading at $7.51 against a high of $90 in October 2014.

    After 370 job cuts in 2016 and early 2017 the company stated that it employed 1,327 people, but that number is now set to drop to close to 1,000, according to the TechCrunch report.

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    SLR Magic 2x Anamorphot-CINE Video Review

    By Stefan Haselgruber

    I took SLR Magic’s 2x Anamophit-CINE lenses set for a spin with the GH5. Here are my personal impressions of working with them.

    The cinematic look has personally always fascinated me.

    For that reason, I often try to create this look (as many others out there) with modest means, even though I might not be able to afford a high-end cinema camera, like the Arri Alexa or beautiful cinema primes.

    However, the SLR Magic 2x Anamorphot-CINE Lens Set are the first anamorphic lenses that I have ever used, I can tell you my experience, what I learned and discovered.

    Anamorphic Test Footage Video

    The video above is shot on the GH5 in the 4:3 Anamorphic Mode and the SLR Magic 2x Anamorphot-CINE Lens Set, in 6K/25p. We uploaded it in 4K on YouTube for practical reasons.

    35mm T2.4 (MFT Mount)
    50mm T2.8 (MFT Mount)
    70mm T4 (MFT Mount)

    (Links to B&H and CVP below this post for pricing and availability!)

    These lenses were specifically made with an MFT mount for GH5 users to utilize the camera’s unique anamorphic 4:3 shooting mode that can use its full 6K resolution.

    Getting used to shooting anamorphic

    Hopefully after watching this video you get an impression of how the lens set performs. Filling the frame and creating a beautiful composition in the anamorphic wide screen format is for sure something new and took me a bit of time of getting used to.

    The GH5 has an in-camera anamorphic de-squeeze mode that enables you to see the actual 2.66:1 aspect ratio picture on set. This function is a major help in judging and feeling the created frame – enabling me as a cameraman to react → continue…

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    Patent: Tamron 300mm f/2.8, 400mm f/4, 500mm f/4

    By Canon Rumors It looks like Tamron may be entering the world of fast supertelephoto lenses. Three different optical formulas have appeared in the same patent application from Tamron. Embodiment 1: 300mm F/2.8 Focal length: 304.799 mm F No.: 2.8 ω: 3.997 Image height: 21.64 mm Back focus: 70.1919 mm Lens length: 298.38 mm Embodiment 2: 400mm F/4 … → continue…

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    ‘Lady Bird’: How Greta Gerwig Found Her Unique Rhythm in the Written Word – Filmmaker Toolkit Podcast

    By Chris O’Falt Ep. 48: “I remember when I was in college, writing pretty strange plays, that the best feeling I ever had was when I stood in the back of the theater and actors were performing something I had… → continue…

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    Deal: Sigma 150-600mm F/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary $759 (Reg $1049)

    By Canon Rumors Authorized Sigma retailer has the Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM for $759 (Reg $1049) for a limited time. To get this great price, use the coupon code NEWYEAR in-cart when checking out. Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM $759 (Reg $1049) → continue…

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    Moment filter mount lets you add 62mm filters to its iPhone lenses

    With its beautifully-manufactured metal lenses, Moment has firmly established itself in the ‘high-end’ bracket of the market for iPhone accessory lenses. And now, the US-brand is taking it to the next level by launching an accessory that’ll make its products even more attractive to anyone who takes their iphoneography seriously: a 62mm filter mount.

    Thanks to two rubber collars that are included in the package, the mount is compatible with all Moment lenses. One collar has been specifically designed to hold the wide angle lens, while the other works with all other lenses in the Moment line-up. Your filters screw into a metal filter adapter ring, which slides onto the rubber collar. The latter then firmly attaches to your lens.

    The kit allows you to attach any filter with a 62mm thread, and it should also be possible to attach larger filters using a step-up ring. So if you are a little tired of using your photo app’s built-in software filters, nothing is stopping you from using proper polarizers, neutral density, color, or any other kind of filter on your iPhone camera.

    You can currently preorder the filter adapter kit for $40. More information is available on the Moment website.

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    Leak: Samyang to announce autofocus 14mm F2.8 lens for Canon EF mount

    Nokishita has gotten their hands on two lens photos that have Canon users buzzing this morning. Just days after Yongnuo announced its (probably very cheap) YN 14mm F2.8 for Canon, Samyang/Rokinon are reportedly preparing to do you one better by releasing its own AF 14mm F2.8 for EF mount.

    We have no details about the lens beyond the photos above, but if (or more likely when) this lens is announced, it will be the first Samyang autofocus lens for Canon’s EF mount—so far, all of the Samyang/Rokinon AF lenses released have been made for Sony’s FE mount.

    Nokishita typically releases leaked image like the ones above only a day or two (if not hours) before the official announcement, so stay tuned for more.

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    Key features of the new Sony E 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens

    By SonyAlpha Admin

    This image shows the new 18-135mm lens on the left, followed by the 16-70mm Zeiss and than the 18-105mm lens. via Camerasize There is yet not a single review or hands-on of the new Sony E 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens. We have to wait til CES show starts on Jan 8 to see some more […]

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    Homemade VFX: Create and Film a DIY Meteor Strike

    By Mark Vargo, ASC Computer-generated visual effects are useful, but they aren’t perfect for every shot. Learn how models and good cinematography can create great visuals. → continue…

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    What is a Film Business Plan? – The Ask Alex Show 005 – Indie Film Hustle

    By Alex Ferrari

    What is a Film Business Plan?  Today’s Guest Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz: WATCH MORE IFH TV Watch the IFH Film School Breakdown Film’s Most Important Directors: The Directors Series IFH Podcast on YouTube IFH TV Micro-Budget Case Study: This is Meg Sundance Film Festival Interviews Online Filmmaking & Screenwriting Courses SPONSORS BlackBox – Make Passive Income…

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