Jason Cases Panasonic AU-EVA1 case

By Matthew Allard ACS

Jason Cases now has a Panasonic AU-EVA1 case available if you are looking for a robust solution for shipping or transporting your camera. Jason Cases have been around for quite…

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GoPro Fusion 360 Camera Series: Stitching using Fusion Studio

By Al Caudullo

Today I am going to go over how to stitch your images and videos from your GoPro Fusion using the Fusion Studio software.

The first step is to copy your files on the two SD Cards to your PC. The Fusion can be connected directly to your PC or Mac using the USB-C cable. But honestly, this method is very slow and can fail. Copying the files to your computer is much faster and will speed up your stitching and rendering.

Strictly speaking, you can drag all your SD Card files into one folder, but should you miss anything or need to check on individual components, it would be quite challenging. I find that neatness counts and being sloppy isn’t any faster than doing it right.

The file structure that I recommend it one folder labeled “Fusion” and inside that two folders, one labeled “FRONT” and the other “BACK”.

You can use a Powered USB 3.0 Hub to speed things up in the transfer.

Once the transfer is complete, open Fusion Studio and go to “Preferences” to choose where you want your rendered files to go. This illustration shows my typical extremely organized layout of the folders.

Go back to Fusion Studio main page and click “+Add Media” or drag and drop the “Fusion” folder in.

The go through each one of your previews or just click “CTRL A” to select all of the clips. Your choices are as follows:

360 or Overcapture

If OverCapture: 16:9 / 4:3 / Square

And the type of Projection: Little Planet or Fisheye

ProTune or GoPro Color. If you are going to use the clips straight from Fusion Studio and not edit them further, then GoPro Color is best. If → continue…

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2018 state of play: Storage and RAM

By noreply@redsharknews.com (Leo Waldock)

The price of memory is remaining high

While 2017 took great strides with technology, we haven’t seen a breakthrough in the cost of memory. Leo Waldock takes a look at the state of play as we enter 2018.

  • Storage
  • ram
  • SSDs
  • memory cost

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    New Mexico is looking up!

    By Paul Tenebrini

    What I’m reading: New Mexico is looking up. Of all the U.S. states offering film and TV incentives, New Mexico has always been the one most proactive about building a local crew base through measures such as the Film Crew Advancement Program, which gives productions a 50% reimbursement of below-the-line crafts workers’ wages for up […]

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    Production News Weeky Jan. 3, 2017

    By Paul Tenebrini

    Thoughts: Trend in foreign films The Palm Springs International Film Festival started by Sonny Bono in the late 1980s is now in its 29th year. The festival opened Tuesday, Jan. 2, with its star-studded Awards gala, and runs through Jan. 15. More than 180 films will be screened, and the festival always has an impressive […]

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    U.S. Virgin Islands’ Film Industry Open For Business After Dual Category 5 Hurricanes

    By Staff

    Slammed by back-to-back Category 5 hurricanes in September, the film industry in the U.S. Virgin Islands is slowly struggling to get back on its feet. “We got hit by Hurricane Irma and then two weeks later by Maria,” said Luana Wheatley, director of the islands’ film office. “That set us back, but […]

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    Tip of The Week and Feedback

    By Paul Tenebrini

    Tip of the week: One of the most popular ways to search our data base is by project status, but often overlooked is the ability to also search by person or company. Say for example you have worked with certain producers or companies in the past and would like to know if they are involved […]

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    This 18 year old photographer built his own 8×10 large format video camera

    By Matthew Allard ACS

    Zev Hoover is an 18-year-old photographer who has managed to build his own 8×10 large format video camera. Zev believes his creation is the only camera of its kind in…

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    ACE Eddie Award Nominations 2018

    By Staff

    Nominations BEST EDITED FEATURE FILM (DRAMATIC): Blade Runner 2049 Joe Walker, ACE ` Dunkirk Lee Smith, ACE ` Molly’s Game Alan Baumgarten, ACE, Josh Schaeffer & Elliot Graham, ACE ` The Post Michael Kahn, ACE & Sarah Broshar ` The Shape of Water Sidney Wolinsky, ACE ` BEST EDITED FEATURE FILM (COMEDY): Baby Driver Jonathan […]

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    Hawk-Woods Launches Mini V-Lok Battery

    By Artisans PR

    Ashford, Kent, UNITED KINGDOM

    Hawk-Woods, innovative developer of broadcast power solutions, today announces that Mini V-Lok, its new, ultra-small and lightweight V-Lok battery, is now available in the United States through Manios Digital & Film.

    Mini V-Lok was developed as an alternative to standard, travel-size…

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    Video: Using the $5,700 Canon 200mm F2 on the Sony a7R III

    Photographer and YouTuber Manny Ortiz recently put together what he calls “the sexiest camera and lens combo” he has ever held: combining the DPReview Product of the Year Sony a7R III with Canon’s beastly 200mm F2L IS USM. He wanted to see if this $5,700 lens could live up to its potential on Sony’s latest mirrorless flagship, so he took it with him to a family photo shoot and brought along the vlogging camera to give us all a behind the scenes look.

    He adapted the Canon lens to the Sony body using the Sigma MC-11 mount converter, and despite the fact that he was using three different brands at once, the Sony and Canon played well together. In particular, Manny was impressed that Sony’s Eye-AF worked as well as it did with the Canon 200mm, keeping focus locked even on the edges of the frame.

    Summing up his final thoughts on this camera and lens combo, he says:

    The performance of the Canon 200mm on the Sony a7RIII is really impressive […] It actually blows me away how far [Sony] have come in terms of improving autofocus performance with adapted lenses.

    I did notice that in low light, autofocus, especially Eye-AF, isn’t as consistent […] but in good light I didn’t miss any focus.

    Manny also shared some of his edited images from this shoot with us below, so you can check the focus and results for yourself:

    To see more of Manny’s photos or tag along on his next photo shoot, head over to his website, give him a follow on Instagram, or subscribe to his channel on YouTube.

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    New Nokton 35mm f/1.4 FE lens listed at BH

    By SonyAlpha Admin

    The newly announced Nokton 35mm f/1.4 FE lens listed at BHphoto. But there is still no pricing info. I guess it will be priced around $700-800. In the meantime I am testing the Voigtlander 40mm f/1.2 FE (see image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4 and image 5). I wasn’t convinced by the focal […]

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    NYPD investigating Terry Richardson over sexual assault accusations

    Photo by Christopher Macsurak (cc-by-2.0)

    Fashion industry photographer Terry Richardson is reportedly the subject of an ongoing NYPD investigation following multiple accusations of sexual assault. According to the NY Daily News, two former models and a Model Alliance representative confirmed that they have been approached by law enforcement as part of the investigation.

    According to the report, NYPD Special Victims division detectives have spoken with former models Caron Bernstein and Lindsay Jones about their alleged encounters with Richardson. Both have previously accused Richardson of sexual assault, similar accusations to which have been made by some other women who have worked with Richardson over the years.

    Richardson has long denied the accusations against him, and yet he has continued to face increased scrutiny following an editorial published by The Times in October 2017. The article claimed, among other things, that the photographer has a “reputation as the Harvey Weinstein of fashion.” Days later, a leaked email revealed that Condé Nast had ordered its publications to blacklist Richardson.

    A representative of Richardson’s had issued a statement to HuffPost back in October about the Condé Nast email and the accusations in general, saying:

    Terry is disappointed to hear about this email especially because he has previously addressed these old stories. He is an artist who has been known for his sexually explicit work so many of his professional interactions with subjects were sexual and explicit in nature but all of the subjects of his work participated consensually.

    In a more recent statement to the NY Daily News, Bernstein shot down Richardson’s claims of innocence, saying, “I didn’t know this man from Adam. I would never walk in somewhere and agree to a sex act → continue…

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    Canon EOS 7D Mark III to Have Slight Crop in 4K [CR2]

    By Canon Rumors We’re told that the Canon EOS 7D Mark III, which will be Canon’s first APS-C 4K camera, will have a slight crop when shooting in 4K. As for frame rates, do not expect anything more than 30fps in 4K, and 60fps in 1080P. There has been no mention of whether or not this camera will … → continue…

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    Canon TS-E 90mm f/2.8L Macro Sample Images

    By Canon Rumors Ahead of their full review, Photography BLOG has posted a bunch of RAW and .JPG file samples from the brand new Canon TS-E 90mm f/2.8L Macro. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS EF-Mount Lens/Full-Frame Format Aperture Range: f/2.8 to f/45 One Ultra-Low Dispersion Element One Aspherical Element Air Sphere Coating Maximum Tilt: +/- 10° Maximum Shift: +/- 12mm Minimum … → continue…

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