The 9 Blunders I Made on my First Feature Film

By Sareesh

In this video I share the major blunders I made with my first feature film. Everyone makes mistakes, but blunders are things you don’t recover from:

Here’s the list:

  1. Hire an on-set photographer. You need the stills to market your movie.
  2. Decided on a location with no toilets or electricity.
  3. Wrote the script in English but shot in Hindi without proper dialogues.
  4. Buying the camera!
  5. No art or prop department at all!
  6. Went into production without casting a major character.
  7. Too many VFX and green screen shots.
  8. Gave myself too little time – only 7 days for shooting a 90 minute movie.
  9. If you’re desperate, stop!!

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From:: Wolfcrow