The 9 Blunders I Made on my First Feature Film

By Sareesh

In this video I share the major blunders I made with my first feature film. Everyone makes mistakes, but blunders are things you don’t recover from:

Here’s the list:

  1. Hire an on-set photographer. You need the stills to market your movie.
  2. Decided on a location with no toilets or electricity.
  3. Wrote the script in English but shot in Hindi without proper dialogues.
  4. Buying the camera!
  5. No art or prop department at all!
  6. Went into production without casting a major character.
  7. Too many VFX and green screen shots.
  8. Gave myself too little time – only 7 days for shooting a 90 minute movie.
  9. If you’re desperate, stop!!

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The Most Crucial Filmmaking Lessons I Learned This Year + Every Film I watched in 2017

By Noam Kroll

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted as I took some time off for the holidays, and I figured what better way to kick off 2018 than by reflecting on the most important lessons I’ve learned over the last year.

Every year, all of us will grow as filmmakers and will continue to refine our creative abilities and knowledge of the craft. That said, some years yield more growth than others, and for me personally 2017 was a year of significant change in many ways – not just artistically, but tactically as well. Over the course of the year I directed and edited my feature Shadows on the Road, started writing my next feature, consumed as many educational books & courses as possible, watched over 100 movies, read dozens of scripts, collaborated with some great commercial clients (including 2 major film studios), launched my podcast & newsletter, and continued to generate more content for this blog at every opportunity.

While all this might sound great, don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of setbacks along the way too – Half started projects, unfinished scripts, extremely stressful days while shooting my feature (and ever longer nights while editing), and plenty of other challenges in virtually every way imaginable. At the end of it all though, I learned a ton along the way and want to share some of the more important anecdotes with you below.

So here they are, in no particular order –

Work as much as possible, but only on the right things. It’s imperative that as filmmakers we make as much content as we can, as it is truly the only way to move ahead in this business. Every project leads to a stronger body of work, better industry contacts, and more exposure. At the same time, → continue…

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GoPro Fusion Series-Fusion and the Blueshape Bubblepak

By Al Caudullo

Batteries, we love them and we hate them. They deliver portable power but cause devices to overheat and fail. They last long amounts of time and the give put when you need them most!

But love them or hate them we all use them. The new GoPro Fusion uses a different battery than it’s Hero cousins. Bigger and last longer but still the same issues apply. There are times when you are going to be shooting a long event and you don’t want to miss that all important shot because you had to change the battery.

Worry not, GoPro has put thought into the creation of this camera. With the Fusion, you can connect external power to the camera. You don’t even need to keep the GoPro battery in the Fusion.

All that you need to do is to connect a USB-C cable to the Fusion and the other end into an external power source.

There are many choices for external power. You can use consumer external power supplies that you would use for your smartphone. How long they last depend upon what the power rating of the external battery.

But that said, my external battery of choice is the Blueshape Bubblepak battery. It is a professional solution to your battery needs. With it and the D-Tap to USB cable, you can power not only your Fusion but several other devices as well. I like the Blueshape belt clip for the Bubblepak so that I can carry around easily.

Whatever your choice, this is another example of how the GoPro Fusion has been designed so well.

How are you watching your 360 VR Video?

Are you watching on your PC?

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The year that was 2017 – Part 4

By Matthew Allard ACS

The year that was 2017 – Part 4. 2017 was a very busy year for the team here at Newsshooter. We covered a multitude of trade shows all over the…

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FCP X 10.4 – the best update yet to the highly capable software

By (Simon Wyndham)

FCP X has just become more capable than ever before

FCP X 10.4 has arrived, and while we knew all about the new features on paper, Simon Wyndham dives in a bit more to find out what the changes mean in practice.

  • FCP X 104
  • Apple
  • FCP X
  • NLE
  • NLE for OS X
  • NLE for Mac

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    The new 7Artisans 35mm f/1.2 and 12mm f/2.8 E-mount lenses are now available on Amazon

    By SonyAlpha Admin

    7artisans launched two new APS-C E-mount lenses: 35mm f/1.2 APS-C E-mount at Amazon US. 12mm f/2.8 APS-C E-mount at Amazon US.

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    Sample gallery: Utah with Scott Rinckenberger and the Olympus OM-D E-M10 III

    We recently spent some time in Moab, Utah with seasoned adventure photographer Scott Rinckenberger. The area’s incredible landscapes and wide array of outdoor activities made for a very photogenic few days – here are some of the still images Scott captured along the way. For the full story behind the photos, check out our video.

    This is sponsored content, created with the support of Amazon and Olympus. What does this mean?

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    The 30 Best Movies of 2017

    By Shane Scott-Travis

    The bright lights in Tinseltown were especially revealing in 2017, not only displaying the cinematic spectacles that the motion picture industry is famous for but also, as the story of the year boldly blazons, but avowing the predators who have toiled there for too long.

    With the gender balance being bravely argued it is with joy that a suiting Hollywood ending be reflected in Taste of Cinema’s year end roundup. So many of our favorite films from 2017 feature brilliant women either in front of the lens or behind it –– from Wonder Woman to Rumble to Lady Macbeth to Lady Bird to Faces Places to The Beguiled –– what phenomenal females!

    Beyond that, just a cursory glance at the titles assembled here in our 30 Best Movies of 2017 (and do please note that narrowing the titles down to a workable 30 titles was no small feat –– I cringe at the many worthy films that didn’t make the cut, and a lengthy Honorable Mentions section aims to tow the line) shows a wonderful and wide-ranging miscellany.

    The auteur is alive and well, arthouse and blockbusters are plentiful, documentary films are on fire, genre films are stronger than ever, and let’s just echo it all once more for posterity: female-led projects are popular, bankable, and breathtaking, as are strong women characters.

    Without further ado, let the roundup commence, and in 2018 let’s catch up in the queue and compare notes, shall we? Enjoy!

    30. The Beguiled

    “I loved the sexual repression under the high lacy collars in the heat of the South, and how under all the melodrama, there were themes I could relate to about the power struggle between men and women,” writes director Sofia Coppola in the LA Times of her award-winning film, The Beguiled, adding: → continue…

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    Max Landis Screenplays (Download) – Indie Film Hustle

    By Indie Film Hustle

    Max Landis Screenplays Max Landis, is known for his incredible talent as a loud and outspoken screenwriter. The paydays he has gotten for his screenplays harp back to the 80’s and 90’s when screenplays by Shane Black and Joe Eszterhas were selling for millions. Apart from screenwriting, he has also worked as a director, executive…

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