Still about the IMAGO awards

By (Tony Costa)

seamus mcgarveyA

2017 will be a remarkable year for IMAGO. It marks the occasion of the first ever IMAGO INTERNATIONAL awards for cinematography. To register for future generations here is a sum-up what the most important took place.

The winners.

Best cinematography in Feature films:

“Nocturnal Animals” Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC

Jury citation.
This was a very difficult decision to make due to the very high quality of all nominees presented. The final choice was made only after a long and spirited discussion by the world-wide jury. Whilst all the films showed a remarkable exhibition of image integration to enhance the script, the jury felt that the use of light, composition, colour and continuity flow in the edit, has provided a superb example of how cinematography can enhance and heighten the meaning of the film.

We feel that Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC has achieved this admirably in “Nocturnal Animals”. …”

Nocturnal-Animals-Amy-Adams-2016 6A

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