10 Great Movies That Will Change Your View On Cinema

By Vitor Guima

Three acts. Beginning, middle, end. Shot reverse shot. Do all stories need to be told this way?

Cinema is one of the most complex forms of art. The number of elements this art form uses to compose a piece of work are truly vast and the possibilities tend to be infinite.

Sometimes we watch a movie that is able to change the way we view cinema. For the way it uses images, or sounds, or editing or any of the many elements cinema has, some films simply show us a path we may not have imagined before. And some films that do exactly that are the theme of this article.

First of all, it is never too late to remember that the choice of the titles on this list is something very personal. Normally, the main factors that interfere with these choices are memory and personal preference, but this time there’s also the fact that the movies chosen were especially the ones that changed the way this writer used to view cinema before watching them.

So, here are 10 movies that will (probably) change your view on cinema.

10. Irma Vep (1996; dir. Olivier Assayas)

Irma Vep

Starring Maggie Cheung and Jean-Pierre Léaud, “Irma Vep” is one of the best movies in Olivier Assayas’ career.

Exploring the clashing of egos during the production of a remake of the movie “The Vampires” (1915; dir. Louis Feuillade), the movie has great writing by Assayas and an amazing performance by Cheung that surely can be considered among the best of her career.

Following the story of a Chinese actress who travels to France to make a movie with a director that was once renowned and now is dealing with personal issues while trying to get his career back on track, “Irma Vep” is great for exploring behind → continue…

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