2017 in review: a look back at September

Hey look, it’s our whole planet, just a tiny speck floating in a vast nothingness. This image is courtesy Cassini, a spacecraft we sent to its demise in September. Photograph copyright NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute.

September is the month when we finally accepted that 2017 was really happening and it wasn’t all a bad dream. We also found out what it looks like when you don’t heed the advice given in a thousand articles about photographing the eclipse. Spoiler alert: you get melted aperture blades.

As they are wont to do, more than a few photos went viral. That ridiculous lawsuit over the monkey selfie finally ended, may we never type the words ‘monkey selfie’ again, and we talked to photographer Justin Hofman about his much-shared photo of a seahorse clutching a Q-tip. Oh, and Cassini plunged toward Saturn and burned up in its atmosphere, but it was supposed to do that. Thanks for all the cool photos, Cassini!

What’s old is new again – and for sale at Nordstrom right next to the handbags

The Sony RX10 IV and the Fujifilm X-E3 were the most notable conventional cameras launched in September. A little company called Apple also announced some new photo-taking-devices: the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. To top it all off, RED announced more details about its Hydrogen One phone, which actually doesn’t cost much more than an iPhone X.

On the other end of the technological spectrum, Polaroid rode the analog nostalgia wave with the OneStep 2 instant camera. What’s old is new again – and for sale at Nordstrom right next to the handbags.

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