All 8 Jane Campion Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

By Hannah Sayer

Jane Campion’s body of work is one to be greatly admired. She is the only woman to have ever won the Palme D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and the second of only four women in the history of the Academy Awards to have been nominated for Best Director. The New Zealand born filmmaker is one of the greatest living directors and her work is always bold, fascinating and uncompromising.

It is difficult to rank a filmmakers work from worst to best when there is something special about each of Campion’s films. Jane Campion’s filmography often pushes beyond boundaries and comfort zones to challenge the viewer. Her groundbreaking explorations of what it means to be a woman mark her work as undeniably feminist.

The women in Jane Campion’s works are complex, mysterious, multifaceted, and most importantly, they are real to life. All the women are trapped in some way and this is often brought about by the men in their lives. Her male characters are written just as well as her female characters. They are brutal and often manipulative yet she also shows their weaknesses and their vulnerability by subverting the lens which has often been gendered in the past towards showing masculinity and femininity in a certain way.

This list includes Jane Campion’s acclaimed recent miniseries Top of the Lake (2013-2017), as well as her sensational collection of films, as it is cinematic in its own right.

8. Holy Smoke! (1999)

Holy Smoke! (1999)

Even though I have ranked Holy Smoke! as last in this retrospective of Jane Campion’s filmography, it is still a remarkable exploration of one woman’s search for her authentic self and therefore is not necessarily a bad film, it is just the one which I happen to → continue…

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