The 10 Most Disappointing Movies of 2017

By Justin Gunterman

Good news, everyone. 2017 is not as consistently disappointing as 2016. We haven’t ran into any colossal misfires like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, X-Men: Apocalypse, or Zoolander 2. In fact, there have been a surprising amount of pleasant surprises instead.

Wonder Woman, John Wick 2, and Get Out all managed to exceed expectations. With that being said, this year hasn’t exactly been perfect. Like every year, there are still movies that fail to live up to their potential. While some of these movies were iffy to begin with, others seemed poised to really impress. Predicting the quality of a movie is tough, which unfortunately means even the most promising movies fall flat.

For this list, ten movies have been chosen that sadly fail to live up to whatever potential they had. For a movie to be included on the list, it had to show some sign of promise. This by no means implies that the included movie appeared destined for Oscar glory, but it means that it at least showed more potential than Baywatch or Transformers: The Last Knight. Also note that disappointing does not mean bad.

There are plenty of perfectly watchable movies that can be deemed disappointing just because they had so much to live up to. This little note is especially important when you look at the one controversial choice on this list. Aside from those reminders, the following list should be pretty straightforward.

10. All Eyez on Me

The problem with All Eyez on Me isn’t that it fabricates countless details. Movies “based on true stories” always add in pieces of fiction. All Eyez on Me is problematic because it’s a by-the-numbers biopic that offers no insight into who Tupac was as a person. → continue…

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