IMAGO 2017 in review

By (Tony Costa)

IMAGO 2017 in review

2017 which is now about to end was a very busy year for IMAGO. Many of the activities took place in several cities gathering thousands of people and cinematographers involved with conferences, festivals, exhibitions, equipment fairs and perhaps culminating in high spirits with the very first IMAGO International awards for Cinematography in Helsinki.
The president of IMAGO resumes in the text below the activities which took all our full attention and dedication. You can find in this articles links direct to photos and videos of the events.
IMAGO board and administration would like to give special appreciation to all member societies and to our sponsors without whom we couldn’t realize these excellent events.

By Paul René Roestad fnf, IMAGO President

In our 25th anniversary year, both the number of IMAGO´s activities and our number of members have been growing steadily. IMAGO now has 53 national Societies and close to 4.500 professional cinematographers as members.
During the last IMAGO General Assembly, the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers, the Malaysian Society of Cinematographers, The Singapore Society of Cinematographers and the Peruvian Society of Cinematographers were voted in as IMAGO members. We welcome them all warmly!

The main 2017 IMAGO Activities
The year started with IMAGO Board members attending the BSC Expo in London early February, where we had useful talks with many of our partners.
March: The IMAGO/HFF educational conference in Munich in cooperation with BVK and the German Film School HFF. The conference was arranged by IMAGO Education Committee, headed by Tony Costa. With more than 130 participants from all over the World, it was a great success, showing that education is a topic of great interest among our members.

In April IMAGO cooperated with the Slovenian Society of Cinematographers ZFS on an important conference on archiving our film heritage, in Ljubljana. → continue…

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