10 Actors Who Went Through Extreme Body Transformation For a Role

By David Zou


There’s a general perception that many actors show up looking pretty, remember their lines, then collect a paycheck. Whilst that connotation is quite common, they’re are several occasions where just the opposite is true, that a performer goes way beyond the line of duty to fully inhabit and immerse themselves into a role, sometimes at the cost of their own physical or mental health.

Here are a handful of those extreme and at times shocking body transformation for a handful of actors whose dedication deserves a honorary tip of the hat…

10. Chris Pratt – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

The ‘Marvel Physique’ has certainly become a common phase in this day and edge as superhero movies flood our cinema, and it refers to the particular studio’s impressive track record of casting solid actors first, then training them into peak alpha-male condition. The lanky Hugh Jackman set the precedent with the Wolverine movies, yet also impressive transitions were lean pretty boys Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans bulking up to Olympian shape for “Thor” and “Captain America” (respectively). Even the meek Paul Rudd slapped on the six-pack abs for his turn as Ant-Man.

Still, no transformation from rags to riches in the name of Marvel has been more shocking than that of Chris Pratt, the chunky and lovable goof from TV’s “Parks and Recreation.” He took on lead hero Star-lord in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the galactic rogue that displayed charm, wit and a ridiculous chiseled set of muscle. It was a physical transition within that sleeper hit that suddenly shot the actor from being the supporting ‘best friend’ to the square-jawed leading man in a recent string of blockbusters.

9. Tom Cruise – Tropic Thunder (2008)

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The year that was 2017 – Part 3

By Matthew Allard ACS

The year that was 2017 – Part 3. 2017 was a very busy year for the team here at Newsshooter. We covered a multitude of trade shows all over the…

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Industry Master Calendar

By Olivia Gleichauf

Welcome Below the Line Subscribers, Today is the day I’m sure you have all been waiting for! In our new weekly emails, I will be keeping you updated and tuned in to all upcoming events in our industry. The events I share with you will also be displayed on our Industry Master Calendar. We intend […]

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Betty White to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at ICG Publicists Awards

By Staff

Betty White To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award At Annual ICG Publicists Awards Betty White, legendary actress and producer, will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 55th Annual International Cinematographers Guild (ICG, IATSE Local 600) Publicists Awards Luncheon to be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on March 2, 2018. ICG national president Steven Poster, ASC, said, […]

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2018 Palm Springs International Film Festival

By Staff

Palm Springs International Film Awards Gala –Jan 2nd, 2018 Kicking off the first week of January will be Palm Springs International Film Society’s signature showpiece event – the annual Awards Gala! This Black Tie event welcomes Palm Springs community leaders, top industry players, and talented celebrities to a glamourous dinner and awards ceremony that raises […]

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Media Credentials Now Open For 22Nd Annual Art Directors Guild Awards

By Staff

Media Credentials Now Open For 22nd Annual Art Directors Guild Awards Celebrate “100 Years of Imagination” Jan. 27 at the Ray Dolby Ballroom. Apply for Credentials Online at http://bit.ly/2CXDDEh What: The 22nd Annual ART DIRECTORS GUILD Excellence In Production Design Awards, honoring excellence in production design for theatrical motion pictures, television, commercials and music videos. The ADG will also premiere […]

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Still about the IMAGO awards

By tonycosta100@gmail.com (Tony Costa)

seamus mcgarveyA

2017 will be a remarkable year for IMAGO. It marks the occasion of the first ever IMAGO INTERNATIONAL awards for cinematography. To register for future generations here is a sum-up what the most important took place.

The winners.

Best cinematography in Feature films:

“Nocturnal Animals” Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC
LINK: https://vimeo.com/240553747

Jury citation.
This was a very difficult decision to make due to the very high quality of all nominees presented. The final choice was made only after a long and spirited discussion by the world-wide jury. Whilst all the films showed a remarkable exhibition of image integration to enhance the script, the jury felt that the use of light, composition, colour and continuity flow in the edit, has provided a superb example of how cinematography can enhance and heighten the meaning of the film.

We feel that Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC has achieved this admirably in “Nocturnal Animals”. …”

Nocturnal-Animals-Amy-Adams-2016 6A

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Best European Stereography for Kommer Kleijn SBC

By tonycosta100@gmail.com (Tony Costa)

Best European Stereography for Kommer Kleijn SBC

Kommer Kleijn SBC, member of the IMAGO Technical Committee and former president of the same, has been bestowed with the “2017 LUMIERE AWARD – EUROPE, Best European Stereography” given out by the Advanced Imaging Society (Formerly known as the ‘International 3D Society’) USA, ‘Stereopsia’ (Formerly 3D Stereo Media), UP3D and BARCO. This is a lifetime achievement award for his 20 years of dedication to S3D as a stereographer, researcher, promoter and educator for S3D.

He received the award during the Awards Gala Dinner of ‘Stereopsia’, in the BOZAR art palace in Brussels, Belgium, from the hands of Sylvain Grain, president of UP3D, the ‘United Professionals of195 k handing over of award Gala Stereopsia 2017  michel houet  tilt a002 Stereoscopic 3D’ and Jacques Verly, professor at the university of Liege and co-creater of “Stereopsia’, international conference and festival for 3D.

Kommer thanked the directors and producers he worked with for creating and supporting the crazy and innovative projects that hopefully brought the medium a little forward and he also thanked the many team members that supported him during these past two decades. He then expressed his hope that global advance in experience with stereography among creative and film makers, and new presentation technologies like laser and emissive screens may in future give stereo 3D the right place in the Audiovisual industry.

IMAGO is very proud and congratulates Kommer for another prestigious award which is well deserved as being our long time member and collaborator.

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10 Living Movie Directors With The Most Distinguishable Styles

By Fabio Mauro Angeli

lynch movie influence

What is it that makes us love a certain filmmaker’s imagery, technique and themes more than another director’s works? Maybe it’s the tone and pace of the plot, or the perfectly quotable and emblematic dialogue, or that great unforgettable soundtrack and sound editing, or maybe it’s because of the pure visual wonder and fantasy put on film… Whatever your answer to this question is, one thing’s for certain: the most skilled storytellers and film directors, the ones whose stories we love to watch, study, quote and share all have a distinct and distinguishable styles.

Here is a list including ten of these directors. However, before we begin, please note that this list absolutely does not aim to comprehensiveness (which would be impossible to obtain in less than, say, eighty names).

10. Christopher Nolan


“You know when Hollywood does a great big blockbuster that really wraps you up in a world, and lets you believe in extraordinary things that move you in some way, in an almost operatic sensibility? That to me is the most fun I have at the movies.”

One of the most divisive contemporary filmmakers, Christopher Nolan began his adventure behind the camera with “Following”, a little independent film that he was able to write, produce, direct, photograph and edit with an undoubtedly low budget. His success continued with “Memento”, arguably one of his best films, also thanks to his collaboration with his brother Jonathan, a talented scriptwriter that will go on to co-write some of Christopher’s most important films (including “The Prestige” and “The Dark Knight”).

Since his debut, the English director has shown his talent in portraying psychologically complex characters with common, distinctive traits: the anti-heroes in his films are all afraid of something and are often incapable → continue…

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Wish you a Happy New year!

By SonyAlpha Admin

Dear SAR readers, I wish you all a Happy Walk into the New Year 🙂 – I will spend the night busy testing the new Laowa 15mm FE and Voigtlander 40mm FE. Check out my Instagram channel to see how these do perform. This one shot today with the Laowa 15mm FE: Walkers bridge in […]

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2017 in review: a look back at December

December brings with it colder weather and early much-too-early sunsets (at least here in Seattle), as well as a chance to look back on the last twelve months. 2017 saw the continued rise of the smartphone coupled with uncertainty in the interchangeable lens and compact camera market. Will there be fewer camera manufacturers a year from now? We’ll find out soon enough.

As you might imagine, December a quiet month for camera announcements. Information about the next generation of smartphones started to trickle out, including news of the upcoming Snapdragon 845 processor and the Huawei P11, which may feature three cameras. December also marked the arrival of the iMac Pro that, fully loaded, will set you back more than $13,000. Speaking of Apple, Final Cut Pro X received a much-needed update, adding HDR, VR and curves support.

2017 saw the continued rise of the smartphone coupled with uncertainty in the interchangeable lens and compact camera market

The end of the year brings with it lots of “best of” competitions, and some like National Geographic’s Nature Photographer of the Year, Sony World Photography Awards and the always entertaining Comedy Wildlife awards are worth a look. We joined the competition parade and shared our favorite products of the year, which were drawn from our latest Buying Guides. We also pitted the Nikon D850 against the Sony a7R III and compared the portrait modes of the Google Pixel 2 and Apple iPhone X.

For those seeking more pretty pictures, we posted galleries for the Olympus 45mm and 17mm F1.2 Pro → continue…

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IFH 211: How to Get Up Off Your Butt & Make It Happen in 2018 w/ Eric Thomas – Indie Film Hustle

By Alex Ferrari

How to Get Up Off Your Butt & Make It Happen in 2018 with Eric Thomas Happy New Years everyone. 2018 is going to be insane!! I wanted to give you a gift to get your year off to an explosive start. Today’s guest is Global Phenomenon Eric Thomas. Eric Thomas, Ph.D. is a critically acclaimed…

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How Do You Build an Audience for a Streaming Series? – The Ask Alex Show 001 – Indie Film Hustle

By Alex Ferrari

How Do You Build an Audience for a Streaming Series?  Today’s Guest Robin Guiver: http://www.robinguiver.co.uk Project Discussed: Shoot the Messenger Pilot Episode: https://youtu.be/zlbRCllAIP4 Teaser Trailer: https://youtu.be/4qG-XNyn-so WATCH MORE IFH TV Watch the IFH Film School Breakdown Film’s Most Important Directors: The Directors Series IFH Podcast on YouTube IFH TV Micro-Budget Case Study: This is Meg…

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This week SAR readers photos selection

By Andreapazzo

PF Bentley‎ Double rainbow on Maunaloa Highway, Molokai. A7R3, 16-35GM, ISO100, f9 @1/200. 1) Submit your picture with a message and picture here: facebook.com/sonyalpharumors or on the SonyAlphaForum image section. 2) Like and comment the pictures from other readers here: facebook.com/sonyalpharumors/posts_to_page/ and on SonyAlphaForum. 3) A selection of most liked pictures by the community and […]

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The 10 Most Overrated Movie Performances of The 21st Century

By Ian Flanagan

Sometimes the appeal of a famous movie performer will be totally lost on us. “Why does anybody care about this actor?” we ask ourselves, doubting our own judgment or everyone else’s. But even worse than that disconnect is when a newcomer or established star finds a role that makes critics gush, the Academy swoon and your own shoulders shrug. All these choruses of approval over something you merely acknowledge.

What follows includes a few good performances, but all of those actors making the cut have been adorned for certain roles long past what you could call a justifiable extent. Here are the 10 most overrated performances of our millennia thus far.

10. Scarlett Johansson, Under the Skin

Jonathan Glazer’s long awaited third feature is by far his most experimental. Within it he makes a striking statement by minimalist, Kubrickian means, but Scarlett Johansson’s literally alien performance is a black hole at the center of a self-important film elevated by its visual virtues and improv filmmaking techniques.

Johansson has been typecast in robotic roles akin to Under the Skin, like in Lucy, the personality-less Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even this year as the cyborg Major in Ghost in the Shell. As thought provoking as the implications of her character may be in Under the Skin, the film doesn’t exactly showcase her ability to do so much with so little.

In fact, in the same year we saw her blossom in the exact opposite way. Nearly voiceless in Under the Skin, Johansson became the virtual girlfriend of our dreams in Her with just her rosy voice. The fruits of her labor through dialogue alone are wondrous compared to the vacant expressions of some of her least human work.

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