‘Thelma’: Joachim Trier on Shooting the Norwegian ‘Carrie’ on Cinemascope

By Emily Buder

Joachim Trier’s erotic ‘Thelma’ combines Hollywood spectacle with character-driven nuance.

When we interviewed Joachim Trier last year about his film Louder than Bombs, we wrote that the Norwegian auteur has the ability to transcend cinema by infusing naturalism with deep poetry. Now, he’s taken things one step further.

The beguiling Thelma, in theaters now, is unlike any of Trier’s previous films. Trier told No Film School he built his story from grandiose set pieces in order to bring his character-driven approach to a Hollywood spectacle. The result is a nuanced coming-of-age superhero story told with a distinctly psychosexual, Ingmar Bergman feel. Eili Harboe stars as the titular Thelma, a reticent college freshman who was raised by an overprotective, religious family. When she moves to Oslo to start school, she develops a strong and unwelcome attraction to a female classmate. But, as Thelma will soon discover, she cannot resist her desires—she harbors a mysterious telekinetic power that answers to her innermost wishes, for better or for worse.

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From:: No Film School