If We’re in the ‘Wild West’ of Distribution, How Do We Make Decisions for Our Films?

By Rachel Elizabeth Seed

Some distribution advice is still tried and true.

If you ask a panel of film sales, market and distribution folks what they think of the current marketplace, you’re likely to hear a certain common phrase repeated: “It’s the Wild West.” In other words, the former rules of engagement have been upended and it’s anybody’s guess what the future holds in this arena.

Forging the right distribution path is akin to a marriage that can last 5-25 years.

At the DOC NYC panel, “Enter the Market” Eric Sloss, Head of Domestic Sales at Cinetic Media, said that despite the unknowns, he thinks the market is “probably healthier for documentaries than ever” but changing rapidly. “I Am Not Your Negro did 7 million [at the box office],” pointed out moderator Dade Hayes, Contributing Editor of Deadline Hollywood, “but that’s the exception.” So given the ever-changing marketplace, we’ve compiled some tried and true bits of wisdom from some industry experts who shared their thoughts with us at DOC NYC.

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