By (Tony Costa)


Report by Jure Černec and Simon Tanšek, Slovene Association of Cinematographers ZFS

The 38th Manaki Brothers Film Festival, dedicated to cinematographers, once again offered us film treats from all over Europe and beyond. The festival provided a quality programme, but, most importantly, it offered a pleasant socialising with colleagues from all corners of the world. The credit for this goes to the entire festival team headed by Blagoje Kunevski and Gena Teodosievska, who, despite the problems during the preparations and at the beginning of the festival, brought the festival ship quite masterfully to the safe harbour of a happy end.

In addition to the excellent projections, the festival also offered inspiring lectures by experts such as Milčo Mančevski, this year’s recipient of the award for an outstanding contribution to world cinema, and Giuseppe Rotuno, this year’s recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, represented by his student and colleague Luca Coassin, who provided an insight into some of the greatest secrets of the grand master Rotuno. Among other things, Giuseppe Rotuno also cooperated in the processes of restoring some of the masterpieces of Italian cinema, which confirms the importance of the cooperation between DOPs and restorers.

Pierre Lhome, also a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, had a master class with Nigel Walters, he talked about his work and especially about the necessity of decent working conditions in filmmaking, which often lack in the current capitalist world. In cooperation with First Film First, Christian Berger presented a few secretes of his work and stressed the significance of the cooperation among all film professionals and the exaggerated ascription of importance to techniques and technology. The next day, Maria Djurković described her approach in preparing for a film shoot and presented in words and images some of her most magnificent achievements. This event also took → continue…

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