These 7 Post Production Tips From the Pros Will Save You Time, Money and Headaches

By Rachel Elizabeth Seed

“[Post] facilities are like going into a hospital. You have to trust the doctors.”—Joe Beirne of Technicolor Postworks NY

Joe Beirne and Ben Murray, both veterans of Technicolor Postworks NY, want to earn your trust. They start with a universal offer: “If you have a project and know when you’re finishing, meet with [us] and bring samples.” They’ll help you assess where you’re at and how you can best be prepared for a smooth post process. And if you hire them to do it, all the better.

“We don’t look at it like ‘how hard can we squeeze the lemon,’ it’s more like you have something you need to fulfill for a broadcaster and we try to be as efficient as we can. We help you do as much as you can yourself to help you save money. Having time helps a lot.”

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