Zhiyun-Tech Crane 2 – 3-axis handheld stabilizer with integrated follow focus review

By Matthew Allard ACS

The Zhiyun-Tech Crane 2 is a 3-axis handheld stabilizer with integrated follow focus that will support any DSLR or mirrorless camera on the market. Usually the sequel is not as…

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Almost Everything You Need to Know about Lighting in Under 30 Minutes

By V Renée

This beginner’s technical breakdown of lighting is perfect for those just starting out.

If you’ve just started your filmmaking journey, lighting may not be on your radar quite yet—but it should be. It’s one of the most important elements of cinema not only because it’s the very thing that makes it possible, but because it’s one of the most powerful tools a filmmaker has to tell a story. If you’re a little intimidated, don’t worry. Yes, lighting can be complicated and yes, it’s going to take you years of practice to be any good at it, but this 30-minute video from Kevin of Basic Filmmaker breaks down almost every basic technical aspect of lighting, from color temperatures to lighting cable quality, to help give you a more sturdy foundation.

(Kevin highlights one mistake in the video: when he refers to CRI as Color Temperature Index. It stands for Color Rendering Index.)

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10 Reasons Why “The Prestige” is Christopher Nolan’s Best Movie So Far

By Luke Brookman

The Prestige

Since his debut with Following, Christopher Nolan has steadily produced a body of work that will no doubt secure his place amongst the pantheon of brilliant directors.

As a filmmaker, Nolan has pioneered new ways to tell stories, to stage action set pieces and has reimagined the modern day blockbuster. This groundbreaking approach to filmmaking has brought him much critical and commercial acclaim and has directly affected the film industry.

With his Dark Knight trilogy, Nolan changed the way comic book movies are approached. It is an undeniable fact that since the unprecedented success of his batman films, studios such as Marvel, Warner Bros. (and its DCEU) and Fox have all attempted to add a bit more reality and grit to their stories.

With Inception, he established that there really are no limits to what can be imagined in terms of set pieces and visual-effects. From the world folding in on itself to a tumbling corridor to the decayed architecture of a mind lost in itself, he gifted the world an example of how, through film, we can manifest our strangest fantasies into believable and compelling action.

Even his foray into science fiction with 2014’s Interstellar demonstrated how, with a universal story, groundbreaking effects and real science, you can create a timeless science fiction epic that not only entertains but also can serve as an academic text to be studied.

Nolan will undoubtedly continue to break ground in cinema and change the way we experience it. However, of his existing oeuvre we can’t help but see one film standing above the rest as his masterpiece. The film that marries everything that makes Nolan such a fascinating auteur.

So, without further ado, here are 10 reasons why The Prestige is Nolan’s best film. Oh, and beware: spoilers lay within.

1. Puzzle Narrative


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The Wiral LITE Is an Affordable Cable Cam You Can Take Anywhere

By V Renée

Meet the Wiral LITE, an inexpensive, portable, and easy to use cable cam.

Cable cams are awesome and can help you capture shots that would otherwise be impossible, but most of these systems are crazy expensive and difficult to set-up. However, the Wiral LITE is a cable cam that is not only affordable but is also easy to use and small and light enough to take with you wherever you go.

Most cable cam systems usually require hours of prep and multiple operators, but Wiral LITE sets up in minutes and folds down small enough to fit in your backpack and, according to the company’s press release, can be operated by a five-year-old.

The Wiral LITE is currently on Kickstarter, but has already surpassed its $30K goal 25 times over. (It’s up to $764K as of right now.) Check out the campaign video to learn more.

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10 Things That Will Help Improve the Pacing of Your Scenes

By V Renée

Films are journeys and how quickly or slowly you reach your final destination matters.

Pacing can be a difficult concept to wrap your head around. Should your scene unfold quickly or slowly? How do you know when you’ve nailed it? Are there any guidelines to follow when you’re not sure? Well, even though you may have to put a significant amount of trust in your instincts to really get the pacing of your film right, there are a lot of practical things you can do to get it closer to where you want it to be, and Kris Truini of Kriscoart goes over ten of them in the video below.

Again, good pacing is kind of enigmatic. There isn’t really a rubric or ruler you can use to measure the quality of your film’s pacing, but the tips Truini shares in the video will definitely set you on the right track. Granted, a few of these have little to do specifically with pacing, but they are important aspects of filmmaking that you should be thinking about anyway.

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How to make amazing videos with action cameras – part 1

By noreply@redsharknews.com (Simon Wyndham)

Action cameras are capable of incredibly dynamic footage in the right hands

Struggling to get good footage with your action camera? Read these essential tips.

  • GoPro
  • Yi 4K
  • Quik Stories
  • Hero 6 Black Edition
  • Karma
  • Karma Grip

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    DOC NYC: Barbara Kopple on Her True Crime Tale, A Murder in Mansfield

    By Soheil Rezayazdi

    “A friend of mine has this absolutely fantastic story that we should all do together.” Barbara Kopple heard these words, she tells me, on a phone call last year with producer John Morrissey (American History X). She’s likely heard such preambles before. Kopple has directed documentaries for more than 40 years, from her landmark labor-strike feature Harlan County U.S.A. to her profiles of Woody Allen (Wild Man Blues), the Dixie Chicks (Shut Up & Sing) and the late, eternally great Sharon Jones (Miss Sharon Jones!). Morrissey wanted to pitch Kopple a film on Collier Landry, an L.A.-based filmmaker whose mother […] → continue…

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    Making It In Hollywood – with Michael Dermen – ON THE GO – Episode 76

    By Fabian Chaundy

    This week on cinema5D ON THE GO, we talk to Argentinean Line Producer Michael Dermen about building a career in Hollywood.

    Michael Dermen is a successful Line Producer with credits in TV shows such as Car Chasers, Naked and Afraid and Top Gear. Although he is now based in Los Angeles, it was a long journey from his home in Argentina.

    He got his first taste of the film and TV industry after securing a football scholarship to study in the US. Upon his return to Argentina, he used the knowledge he had acquired in the States to find high-profile jobs, such as helping produce Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s reality show Q’Viva! The Chosen. Michael then continued travelling with Jennifer Lopez on her world tour, which eventually saw him land once again on US soil.

    Michael tells us how networking proved essential for the bureaucratic aspects of acquiring an 01 Visa – the kind reserved for those with extraordinary abilities – as one of the requirements is eight letters of recommendation from industry peers.

    Michael Dermen goes on to tell us a bit about his love for the city of Los Angeles, a multicultural metropolis with beautiful sights and many opportunities to work in the industry. He tells us, however, how his move from Argentina meant he would take a step back from his Line Producer role, deciding to work as a coordinator for a time in order to figure out the way things worked in this new town.

    Stay tuned for next week’s episode, where we will discuss Michael’s experiences in shooting the survival reality show Naked and Afraid.

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    Sony a7R III Pixel Shift lifts a veil off your landscapes

    Sony’s replacement of its popular a7R II comes packed with new features, most of them aimed at performance, ergonomic and autofocus improvements. But there are image quality improvements as well, like more dynamic range, but also a new Pixel Shift feature that hasn’t yet been talked about much.

    Cameras with sensor-shift mechanisms are increasingly offering these pixel shift modes by precisely moving the sensor in one pixel increments to sample each color at every position, thereby overcoming the downsides of the Bayer filter array. And getting you sharper images with less moiré, with potentially less noise thanks to multi-sampling and less math required to figure out the R, G and B colors at each pixel. How does this look in the real-world? Explore our Pixel Shift vs. non-Pixel Shift Raw comparison below (Raws processed using Sony Imaging Edge with all sharpening and noise reduction settings zeroed out, and only tonal adjustments applied to deal with the high scene contrast):

    Move around the image and you’ll see a marked increase in clarity almost everywhere. The buildings’ windows are sharper and clearer, all the foliage far more defined… these Pixel Shift results are frankly astounding for static scenes. It’s like a veil has been lifted off your scene: something landscape photographers will simply love. All details are clearer, crisper, and there is no hint of moiré anywhere. The last time I saw this jump in clarity was going from a Rebel with kit lens to a 5D with L-series lens, to put this in perspective.

    Last time I saw this jump in clarity was going from a kit lens on a Rebel to an L-lens on a 5D

    And it’s not because of extra sharpening (which would come at the cost of more noise, which we don’t see), but because → continue…

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    Shooting an Olympic sailor in action using remote high speed sync

    This article was originally published on Luminous Landscapes, and is being republished in full on DPReview with express permission from Terry McDonagh.

    In January of last year, I was commissioned to shoot some dramatic action shots of an Olympic sailor; however, I did some image research and wasn’t overly impressed by any images I found, so I decided that a good approach would be to try and light the subject and by doing so I could afford to underexpose the available light.

    This would help add to the drama, plus in doing so I would be able to get some light into the water spray coming off the boat. In order to get this shot, I needed to freeze the action using a high shutter speed and combine that with flash, so how was I going to achieve all that?

    Obviously, I needed to use flash, but I knew I would be shooting at a high shutter speed, so it had to be high-speed sync (HSS). The beauty of HSS is that it allows you to shoot at a high shutter speed whilst still syncing the flash, which was unheard of a few years ago.

    I decided that I would use two flashes, both for the extra power and to avoid any redundancy due to the high risk of this particular situation. I was attaching a flash to a boat which could easily capsize, and I was doing it in January when, due to it being 3°C, the batteries weren’t going to last too long. In other words: I was only getting one chance to nail this job, so I had to minimize the chances of anything going wrong.

    Flashes facing Starboard

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    The 10 Best Male Movie Performances of All Time

    By Vitor Guima

    This article is here to explore and talk about some of the best male performances in the history of film. From a tramp in a silent film to a quiet hitman, and from a man who plays chess with death to a ruthless oilman, this list has some of the greatest actors of all time.

    Please, let’s not forget the main factors that interfere in the writing of an article like this are personal preferences. If you think any other performance should be on the list, or if you disagree with the order (even though this list is not ranked), please leave your top 10 in the comments section below.

    So here are the 10 best male performances of all time.

    10. Alain Delon in “The Samurai” (1967)

    le samurai

    In this film directed by French master Jean-Pierre Melville, Alain Delon is hitman Jef Costello, a perfectionist killer who never gets caught. One day he is seen by a witness after killing the owner of a nightclub, and everything is at risk from that moment on.

    Delon’s performance as the methodic and quiet assassin Jef Costello is something that is able to deliver – most of the times silently – every trace of this killer’s persona, and each move made by Delon helps create the unique atmosphere of this film. The way he checks his keys, his hat and his overcoat… everything is meaningful, calculated and cold.

    Without a doubt, in this film directed by one of the greatest French directors of all time, Delon delivers one of the best performances in history.

    9. Max von Sydow in “The Seventh Seal” (1957)


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