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Phil Wittmer‎ Golden hour. Sony a9 Sony zeiss 55mm 1.8 at f2.2 Continuous light as a fill…otherwise natural light #philwittmerfilms 1) Submit your picture with a message and picture here: or on the SonyAlphaForum image section. 2) Like and comment the pictures from other readers here: and on SonyAlphaForum. 3) A selection of […]

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Video: Meet the GoPro That Survived Being Eaten Alive by Lava

By V Renée

If you ever wanted to know what you would see if you were swallowed by lava, this GoPro survived a lava flow to show you.

Okay, we all know GoPros are tough. We’ve seen them withstand being shot out of canons, dunked in liquid nitrogen, and even launched into space, but what’s the one thing, other than maybe an asteroid the size of Texas, that you’d think a GoPro wouldn’t survive? That’s right: lava, 2000-degree molten rock that can so easily turn your precious lungs and skin into a crispy brick of char in seconds. It sounds appropriate to say a little action camera would be completely obliterated if it ever came into contact with the stuff, but watch how this GoPro gets swallowed up by a lava flow like it ain’t no thang in the video below.

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All 17 Oscar Best Original Screenplay Winners From The 21st Century Ranked

By Ian Flanagan

An original screenplay doesn’t adhere to the rules of adaptation, which often lends the subsequent original film more novelty than the latest production of a New York Times bestseller.

In the 21st century, countless innovative screenwriters have taken real life or a really great idea and set the foundation for refreshing genuine cinema. They’ve missed a few, but an excess of inventive scripts have been honored by the Academy Awards with at least a nomination. But without delay, here are the 17 winners for Best Original Screenplay so far this century ranked from worst to best.

17. Crash

Racism: The Movie would have been a more fitting title. Somehow edging out masterful screenplays like Good Night, and Good Luck and The Squid and the Whale, Crash was foolishly rewarded many times over for all of its blunt, cliché-ridden storytelling choices.

Even ignoring the painful obviousness of its themes, Crash’s greatest detriment is in its fractured narrative that, as is often the case with this unwise screenwriting choice, reduces the impact of any individual thread of the story because each fragment is buried by the rest. Only the subplot involving Michael Pena’s character actually carries any sense of emotional weight in its brief focus.

So completely removed from subtlety and severely hackneyed in it unfocused narrative, Crash’s Academy Award wins it will go down as one of the Oscar’s biggest regrets of the 21st century. It has virtually nothing to offer the problems of racial discrimination in the modern era.

16. Birdman

Edward Norton - Birdman

Though it has a solid premise, Emmanuel Lubezki’s magic touch and a few good characters to its credit, Birdman’s script is hindered throughout by how badly it smacks of smug self-importance. It had little right to have beaten the likes of Boyhood, Nightcrawler → continue…

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Russian Meddling And How Media Exposure Has Changed

By philcooke Considering the obsession the media has had over the last six months investigating Russia’s apparent meddling in the last election, it’s helpful to understand it in context. The reports are that 135 million Americans were exposed to Russia-sponsored Facebook messages over a 32 month period. There’s no question that we don’t want other governments feeding […] → continue…

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Is ‘Cinderella’ About a Damsel in Distress or a Hellacious Heroine?

By V Renée

What is Disney’s “Cinderella” really about?

Is Cinderella an anti-feminist tale? This is a question that has been asked countless times about the 1950 animated Disney film, as well as virtually every other Disney Princess picture since Snow White, because, unlike their male counterparts, female Disney characters appear to be passive, weak, and unresponsive toward challenges they face, opting instead to wait to be rescued by their Prince Charming.

But this video essay from ScreenPrism argues that critics of the Cinderella may be unwittingly “blaming the victim” for her unmasculine response to familial abuse and neglect.

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Le URSA Mini Pro e DaVinci Resolve utilizzate nel documentario del tour di Robbie Williams

By News

Le videocamere URSA Mini Pro e URSA Mini 4.6K ed il software DaVinci Resolve 14 di Blackmagic Design, sono stati utilizzati per riprendere e montare sia il backstage che i momenti salienti dell’esibizione dal vivo della tournée europea di Robbie Williams.

James Tonkin di Hangman, che collabora da lungo tempo con Robbie Williams, aveva il compito di

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“What Kind of Pain is This Coming From?”: Martin McDonagh on Creating the Award-Winning Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

By Ariston Anderson

If the road to the Oscars is paved with festival accolades, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is already well on its way to victory. Opening this week, playwright Martin McDonagh’s third feature has already picked up two major prizes: the Best Screenplay award in Venice as well as People’s Choice Award in Toronto, the festival’s top prize. The actors masterfully balance humor with despair throughout the film. In what has been called her best role since Fargo, Frances McDormand plays a grieving mother who decides to take matters into her own hands after local police have failed to track down […] → continue…

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Watch: 5 Cinematic Slider Moves (and How to Do Them Right)

By V Renée

Here are some ways to use camera sliders to make your footage look more professional and cinematic.

When it comes to camera movement, sliders offer so much versatility and style without having to work very hard to get it. If you want to take your slider game to the next level, Parker Walbeck shows you five super simple camera moves you can do with pretty much any unit on the market, as well as how to avoid common obstacles you might come up against while trying to pull them off. Check out his tutorial below (which starts at around 3:00).

Here are the moves Walbeck talks about in the video:

  • Side-to-side
  • Push-in/Pull-out
  • Parallax
  • Low mode
  • Aerial

Admittedly, many of these moves are really basic and don’t really require much (if any) guidance for new users. In other words, I doubt anyone buying a camera slider really needs to learn about side-to-side movement, because, hello, that’s what you bought the thing for.

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Double Rebates Only at Midwest Photo This Weekend on Popular Canon L Lenses

By Canon Rumors It appears Midwest Photo is having their yearly double rebate promotion on select popular Canon L lenses. Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS Regular Price: $1099 Instant Rebate: $100 Double Rebate: $100 Final Price: $899 Use Promo Code: DL5 Buy Now Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II Regular Price: $1899 Instant Rebate: $200 Double Rebate: $200 Final Price: $1499 … → continue…

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Sony announced the new 100 and 150 Megapixel medium format sensor…and damn they record 4k!

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Sony just announced three new medium format sensors. These are the world’s first Back Illuminated sensors and the first to also shoot 4K and 8K video. Here are the specs: These sensor will be used on the future Hassleblad X and Fuji GFX cameras.

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Canon EF 135mm f/2L IS USM Coming First Half of 2018 [CR1]

By Canon Rumors Every so often we get a mention of a new 135mm lens. The latest 135mm lens announced turned out be the TS-E 135mm f/4L, and I think there may have been some incorrect assumptions as to what the “135mm” lens was going to be, and we were probably guilty of that. I think most people … → continue…

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Goldvein – “The Hollows” – by Colin J. Mason and Mirandum Pictures

By Colin Mason

My name is Colin J. Mason and I’m from the Northern VA/Washington DC area. I am a director, photographer, musician, and I co-own the independent studio Mirandum Pictures along with my lifelong friend and business partner Mike Powell. Our people have done film work in 15 countries on 5 continents since 2006 and we work with amazing craftsmen from just about every discipline to bring our creations to life.

Name and age: Colin J. Mason, 32 years old.

Currently based in: Northern VA/Washington DC area.

Language(s) spoken: English, Spanish.

Occupation: Director.

How did you get started in our industry? My business partner Mike and I always joke that we were film nerds with big dreams and then suddenly the internet came along and we had jobs. We were scraping along, trying to get work wherever we could and making cheap films in the early 2000s with the Panasonic DVX100 (remember that one?). When YouTube and Vimeo really took off and more and more people were getting smartphones and faster internet connections, suddenly the demand for quality video skyrocketed. Like many young filmmakers, we were right on the cutting edge of that revolution and have been benefitting from it ever since.

Current assignments: I can’t talk about all of them, but we’ve been handling a lot of mini-documentaries at Mirandum Pictures, including one about Flying Dog Brewery and their Raging Bitch IPA controversy, as well as some fun music video projects we have coming up.

What types of productions do you mostly shoot? Things are pretty diverse at Mirandum Pictures, which is how we stay in business. Like most directors at our level, we do lean on commercials, music videos, and mini-documentaries. The dream, as with all of us, is to eventually move into more → continue…

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Photo story of the week: Sunrise in Burren National Park

The warm colors of a sunrise or sunset in a wide open landscape, the foreground gently touched by the orange hues, and the sun throwing a nice aperture star—that is what the romanticizing cliché of landscape photography looks like in the heads of many people these days I reckon. Rightfully so, since it is one of the most atmospheric times of day to shoot: the light is soft, and partial illumination of the foreground is desirable for tonal separation and visual flow.

Almost every landscape photographer has at some point of his or her creative journey chased the intensity that comes with the golden hour. Still, even after all these years of shooting mainly landscapes, going after the elusive sunset and sunrise light is one of my favorite things to do while out in the field. One of the reasons is simply because depending on where you live it can be a rare sight—it is not an everyday sight for most of us.

For all who don’t do this already I would highly recommend using satellite and radar data to scout your location ahead of time

Whenever I am out on a road trip or hiking trip I keep a constant eye on the satellite data—if I have cell reception—to check the cloud coverage in order to find spots right at the edge of a field of clouds to get good conditions for a sunrise or sunset shot. To take this shot, I took a look at the radar over the western parts of Ireland—over the Burren National Park to be exact—and monitored the satellite forecast before I was catching some shuteye.

The predictions for the following morning showed the clouds would most likely pass in the next couple of hours, being carried further north, leaving only → continue…

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Real-world test: Long exposures with Panasonic G9’s high-res mode

Out-of-camera 80MP JPEG using the Panasonic G9’s high-resolution mode. Lots of detail, and some strange-looking pedestrians.
Panasonic Leica DG 12-60mm F2.8-4 | ISO 200 | 1/500 sec | F4

New to Panasonic’s G9 flagship is a high-resolution mode, which shifts the sensor by half-pixel increments eight times, and generates an 80MP final image. As with similar technologies from Ricoh and Olympus, it’s not necessarily recommended for scenes with moving subjects in them. But we thought we’d see if we couldn’t make it work.

You’ll notice in the above image, the pedestrians are sharply ‘ghosted’ in the foreground; this is due (obviously) to the eight exposures being taken, but also partially the 1/500 sec shutter speed. What if we purposely chose a slower speed, so that they would blur more naturally into each other?

These are only initial findings on a gray Seattle day, but we’ve got some interesting results.

Panasonic Leica DG 8-18mm F2.8-4 | ISO 200 | 1/30 sec | F8

For this situation, in order to get a proper exposure without either an ND filter or stopping down to diffraction-inducing levels, I figured I’d give 1/30 of a second a try. As you can see, there’s a little ‘repetition’ around portions of the pedestrians in the foreground and across the street, and while there’s lots of detail in the scene, you may want to just use the normal 20MP file for this one.

What if we go with a little longer of a shutter speed, though?

Panasonic Leica DG 8-18mm F2.8-4 | ISO 200 | 1/8 sec | F8

This looks to our eyes to exhibit some improvement. We overall found that a shutter speed between 1/4 sec and 1/8 sec gave a reasonably → continue…

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Sony interviews: A7rIII preorders higher than estimated,

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Sony is talking to the press like and Amateur Photographer and those are the interesting bits of info: Mirrorless market is growing worldwide (In Japan Sony has 29% of the FF market share) A7rIII preorder numbers are higher than expected focus is on the professional market without to sacrifice the consumer market (but the […]

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