For Mark Webber’s ‘Reality Cinema’, Lack of Resources is its Strength

By Emily Buder

Mark Webber’s ‘Flesh and Blood’ is a docu-fiction hybrid starring his unconventional real-life family.

The only thing that’s fabricated in Mark Webber’s documentary-fiction hybrid Flesh and Blood is its inciting incident: Webber, who plays himself, did not, in reality, serve prison time. The film opens as he is released into the inner-city Philadelphia streets, where he grew up impoverished and intermittently homeless, raised by his single mother, Cheri Honkala, now an activist and Green Party politician. Though Webber has resolved to return to life as a free man with practiced grace and optimism, the world around him has changed little—it’s still plagued by the temptations and injustices that contributed to Webber’s imprisonment in the first place.

“I wanted to use the lack of resources as my strength, not a limitation.”

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From:: No Film School