5 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt and Get Your First Feature Made

By Victoria Negri

Take the plunge.

My first feature film Gold Star comes out this week, and while I have always made an effort to project confidence and an aura of “knowing my stuff,” the journey of getting to the moment of writing this piece has been long and difficult at times.

At the beginning of this six-year journey of writing, directing and starring in the film, I struggled with intense imposter syndrome. I was sure someone would find me out and say, “You shouldn’t be doing this. You can’t do this. You’re not one of ‘us.'”

I jumped in anyway, without so much as even directing a short film. When speaking about Gold Star during this process, I would often say, “This is my first feature, yeah,” which is technically true. But what I wouldn’t add was, “This is my first film.” I was afraid to publicly admit my newness in the director’s chair.

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