5 Business School Lessons That Will Help You Make Films Faster

By Stephen Robert Morse

Whether we like it or not, filmmaking is a business.

I cannot believe how quickly the past year has flown by. Just over a year ago, my business partner Maria Springer and I graduated from the University of Oxford with our MBAs, and we’ve already made and broadcast a feature film, EUROTRUMP, which is playing this week at DOC NYC. But we think it can be done even faster.

At Oxford, we agreed that the staid, old, complex film industry—especially with documentaries—needed further disruption, beyond what Netflix and Amazon were already doing. So, armed with the LEAN principles we were taught in our technology and operations course at Oxford, which essentially have to do with creating more value for less money, we set out to make films at record speeds on record low budgets. We started a company called OBSERVATORY and, as we learned in business school, it gets faster to make a film every time you do it. You will learn tricks left and right.

“It took nine months from the time we conceived the project until it aired on television.”

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