Storyline Studios & Camera Rental

By Jon Fauer STORYLINE STUDIOS hosted an open house and party for the Norwegian film community and guests attending the IMAGO Oslo conference on September 9. Storyline is the largest camera, grip, lighting rental house, studio and post production facility in Norway—and one of the biggest in Scandinavia. Their roots go back to 1932 and Norsk Film. An energetic team of 44 manage… read more… → continue…

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10 Great 1990s Movies You May Have Missed

By Christian Klosz

This is the second part of a list published here before, with an emphasis on smaller independent productions that, because of smaller financial support, did not get the recognition they deserve. It also emphasizes lesser-known efforts by well-known directors.

10. Dave (1993, Ivan Reitman)

Ivan Reitman is one of the overlooked comedy directors of Hollywood. The Slovakia-born Canadian made his breakthrough with “Ghostbusters,” and went on to direct some fine and warm-hearted comedies in the 80s such as “Twins” and the second part of “Ghostbusters.” In the middle of the 90s he directed “Dave,” one of his most compact works.

It´s about a guy (Kevin Kline) who gets engaged by the White House to take the place of the president as his doppelgänger, while the real president is in a coma. Slowly, people close to him realize something about him has changed. Also, this unnatural situation understandably causes chaos and quite funny and awkward moments.

In addition to good gags and great acting, “Dave” brings us an inside view of the White House, the challenges an American president has to face, and how difficult it is for families to adapt to that lifestyle.

9. True Crime (1999, Clint Eastwood)

True Crime

After mentioning “Absolute Power” in the first part of the list, “True Crime” is another solid, enjoyable film by master Clint, with a serious topic. Eastwood plays an elderly reporter who’s assigned to do an interview with a death row inmate who faces the death penalty.

For some reason, Eastwood’s character Steve Everett gets the feeling Frank Beechum is innocent, and starts to collect background information on the case. The deeper he gets into the case, the more his “nose” tells him that there is something wrong, and that the wrong guy is facing death…

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Watch: 25 Creative Transitions from ‘Stranger Things 2’

By V Renée

“Stranger Things 2” does so much right, including its clever transitions.

Stranger Things is one of the most-watched Netflix shows in their original programming line-up, and it’s not difficult to see why. The incredible acting (especially that of the young cast), dynamic storytelling, and beautifully moody visuals all contribute to creating its hugely popular 80s-themed sci-fi horror universe, but there’s one facet of the show’s filmmaking that some may not have noticed but totally should: its scene transitions.

In yet another excellent supercut, Zackary Ramos-Taylor shows us how creators The Duffer Brothers, as well as the show’s directors, DPs, and editors, used clever scene transitions to not only tell more dynamic stories but to also add style and build tension.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

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Panasonic releases photography oriented DC-G9 Micro Four Thirds camera

By Erik Naso

So you thought the GH5 was all Panasonic had right? Well, they showed today they also want to give stills photographers the goods as well with the introduction of the…

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Using the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K for broadcast drama

By (Guest Author)

Using the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K for broadcast drama

The capabilities of the 4.6K Blackmagic Ursa Mini are widely lauded. DP Chris Spurdens writes about his experiences using the camera to shoot a broadcast drama for the UK’s Channel 4.

  • Blackmagic Ursa Mini
  • 46K
  • Channel 4
  • Drama
  • Cinematography

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    IFH 195: Top 10 Tips for Low Budget Filmmakers – Indie Film Hustle

    By Alex Ferrari

    Top 10 Tips for Low budget Filmmakers Making an indie film can be rough, especially for beginners. Many times filmmakers go off halfcocked and jump into making a film without really thinking it all through. Here are a few tips that will help you on you filmmaking journey. CHOOSE THE RIGHT SCRIPT Look for character-driven…

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    TwoPoint0 Editor/Partner Anthony Marinelli Continues To Make His Mark On New York With Twofold Festival Selections For Short Film & Play

    By ColleenHype


    For years, TwoPoint0 Editor/Co-Founder Anthony Marinelli has cultivated a distinguished portfolio of passion projects that have screened in film festivals worldwide. Marinelli’s latest short film, “Marital Arts,” continues its impressive festival run as an Official Selection at the Chelsea Film…

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    Full Force Financial Launches; Unveils Innovative F3 System

    By ColleenHype


    Led by Founder Tim Tortora, a former Studio Executive and Production Accountant, Full Force Financial has launched with its innovative F3 System — the production industry’s first subscription-based, end-to-end, proprietary, remote production accounting system – which promises to…

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    This is what happens when a ‘weather sealed’ camera takes a dip in salt water

    It shouldn’t need saying, but weather resistant, weather sealed and environmentally sealed do not mean waterproof. A cursory glance at your warranty should make this clear: no matter how good a reputation your brand has, if it isn’t covered by the warranty, you’re in ‘at your own risk’ territory.

    Roger Cicala’s latest blog post over at Lens Rentals shows the damage that can occur when a nominally weather sealed camera gets wet—both the damage and the detective work made clearer by the fact that this particular camera took a dip in salt water. Cicala follows the path of the corrosion throughout the camera and explains why an encounter with seawater may render your camera not just non-functioning, but completely irreparable.

    As is so often the case with Cicala’s ‘big picture’ blog posts, don’t get too hung up on the specific model he’s dissecting. As he points out in the comments, he’s written off some of every brand from salt-water damage.

    Check out some of the pictures from this particularly painful teardown at the top, and then click the big blue button below to see the full post on Lens Rentals.

    Teardown of a corroded camera

    As an aside, this is the main of reasons we can’t test manufacturer claims in this area. Partly, of course, it’s because we have to return all the cameras to the manufacturers; but another aspect is that, like lens copy variation, camera failure is probabilistic: you’d need to test lots of cameras to know whether the model you’re testing is flawed or if you were just unlucky with your sample.

    Cicala gets the kind of insight that the rest of us simply can’t get—he gets to see a much larger data set based on what the company rents and what it then has to repair—but even he doesn’t → continue…

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    VSCO adds ‘Recipes’ feature that lets you create 10 custom presets

    VSCO has launched a new feature for VSCO X subscribers called Recipes. With Recipes, subscribers are able to save their favorite edits, making it possible to apply them as a batch to future images. Up to 10 Recipes can be saved at a time via a new menu item that you tap after the image edits are chosen for the first time.

    Non VSCO X subscribers will be able to save only one recipe, so if you want to get into the preset making game, you’ll need to pony up for the VSCO X membership ($20/year).

    The company explains how to use the new Recipes feature in the video below:

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    Da Panasonic LUMIX G9 per la fotografia naturalistica e sportiva a 20fps e Ultra HD a 60fps

    By News

    La nuova LUMIX G9 è il modello top di gamma che offre una qualità dell’immagine ai vertici tra le fotocamere digitali ad ottiche intercambiabili LUMIX G. Il cuore della G9 è un sensore da 20,3 megapixel che, accoppiato al processore Venus Engine di ultima generazione, fornisce immagini spettacolari con un livello di dettaglio elevato, rumore

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    Red Giant Universe Expands with New Transitions and Adds Avid Media Composer Support

    By Charles Haine

    The popular plugin subscription platform expands its offering with 11 new transitions and brings Avid into the fold.

    Red Giant is the leading provider of plugins for stylizing your footage in post, and that continues with the new transitions and effects coming to its subscription package Universe with revision 2.2. These transitions cover a wide range of options, but of particular interest are the highly accurate transitions mimicking historic video technology. For instance, Universe 2.2 offers a “VHS” transition effect that mimics someone repeatedly recording over a VHS tape, and a “channel surfing” transition effect to mimic changing channels on a vintage CRT. Of course, these are visually distinct effects, but many plugin packages limit themselves to a “vintage TV” effect that lumps them all together. Red Giant Universe’s attention to detail makes it stand out.

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    Red Giant Announces Universe 2.2: Fast, Easy and Awesome Transitions

    By Zazil Media Group

    Portland, OR

    Red Giant has just announced the arrival of Universe 2.2, putting 11 new transition tools – 76 transitions and effects in total – into the hands of editors and motion graphics artists. In addition to brand new…

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    Sharp announces a Super 35 8K CMOS sensor 60p camcorder: 8C-B60A

    By Erik Naso

    A relative newcomer to the professional video world Sharp today announces an 8K 33 million pixels Super 35 CMOS sensor 60p camcorder. Sharp claims it’s a world’s first, integrating capabilities…

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    The U.S. Election from Behind 18 Different Lenses: Here Are the Results

    By Oakley Anderson-Moore

    “I didn’t realize the weight of it until after the results came out.”

    Once every four years, the most powerful people in the United States agree to hand over the reigns of said power willingly, to whoever gets the most likes. I mean votes. I mean, electoral votes. Oversimplified, yes, but holy cow, in it’s basic sense, American democracy is based on one crazy premise. There’s a lot at stake during any election, from last night’s midterms to last year’s presidential race. In a country as big as the United States, you’ll get a lot of different reactions to the results.

    That’s exactly what producer Jeff Deutchman hoped to capture when he commissioned a handful of directors to follow average Americans throughout the Election Day of 2016, exactly one year ago today. The finished film, released this week and titled 11/8/16, captures a cross-section of genuinely different political, social, and cultural perspectives.

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