8 Famous Movies You Didn’t Realize Were Influenced by Anime

By Red Stewart

Japanese animation, commonly referred to as anime (the Japanese shorthand for animation), has had a tremendous impact on the international world. While cartoons were conceived around the start of the 20th century, anime took on a whole other form in the post-World War II period of Japan where it was developed as a method of telling original stories whilst repairing the country’s image in the global community. Characters were given a Western aesthetic of fairer skin and wider eyes, hair color was up to the creators, and stories generally involved relatable day-to-day stuff.

The pioneering work of Osamu Tezuka’s manga in the 50s and 60s, combined with the massive popularity of the Walt Disney Company’s works in Japan, led to anime becoming widely recognized and exported to the rest of the world. Stories took on a more experimental route, leading to expansions in fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction, with the creation of companies like Toei Animation, Toho and Studio Ghibli helping to capitalize on this potential.

However, the relationship between Western and Eastern works has not been so one-sided. Not only have American animation companies like Pixar taken an influence from anime artists, but even auteurs behind some of the most acclaimed blockbusters of our generation have taken an active interest in this unique style of storytelling. We at Taste of Cinema have looked at many of these films and discovered many them have aspects that are directly attributable to anime. Let us dig into them.

1. Inception

Inception ending

Out of all the directors on this list, Christopher Nolan might seem to be the most unlikely to have been inspired by anime. Coming from a British indie film background, Nolan’s films prior to 2010 were noted for their focus on existential realism: thinking outside the box, but in → continue…

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