The 10 Best Actors Who’ve Never Won an Oscar

By Allan Khumalo


There are a lot of factors that play into being a great artist. Talent is the most obvious one, but without practice and determination, all the talent in the world amounts to nothing. What’s less obvious is choosing the right material to showcase your talent. The greatest artists in the world are only as good as the projects they work on.

The same is true when it comes to acting; while some actors will take whatever they’re given, some actors actively seek out roles that are both challenging and gratifying. There are many sad cases of great actors who never get to reach their fullest potential because they don’t get the right roles.

If anything, the acting categories of the Oscars are the most competitive and hardest to get nominated in, let alone win. Every year there’s plethora of great performances that sadly never make the cut. Unfortunately, getting a great performance recognized goes hand in hand with the type of film it comes from.

Even an amazing performance from an “Oscar type” of film may find itself left out in the rain if the film in question is not good enough or in line with the tastes or politics of the Academy.

This could explain why some of the best actors working today have yet to take home the trophy for any of their many amazing performances.

10. Ewan McGregor

Big Fish

Ewan McGregor is perhaps the most underrated actor on this list (why did you turn down James Bond, Ewan, why!?). McGregor is a damn fine actor with the versatility to boot. The only thing that has perhaps hindered his career are some bad choices in some subpar films. Yet, his career thus far is nothing to be ashamed of. The mere → continue…

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