Download Screenplays for ‘The Big Sick’ and More Award Contenders

By Christopher Boone

Awards season has begun. And that means free screenplays to download for your consideration.

Halloween is over and we’re not even one week into November, so you know what that means. No, you’re not already behind on your holiday shopping (despite what the retailers are trying to tell you). It means that awards season has officially begun.

And with the beginning of awards season come screenplays for you to download, legally and for free, as the studios jockey for position in the hearts and minds of awards voters. This first round of scripts from Amazon Studios includes films from earlier in the year as Amazon reminds voters how much critics loved these films, how much audiences loved these films, or just the mere fact that these films actually came out this past year.

Before we get to the download links, let’s check out the trailers. First up, The Big Sick tells the autobiographical tale of Kumail Nanjiani meeting and falling for Emily, only to screw it up and lose her when she falls into a mysterious coma before he can win her back.

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