The 10 Best Movie Franchises of All Time

By Tom Lorenzo

Franchises are Hollywood’s main business these days. It’s been like that for a while now, but it’s gotten even more ingrained over the years now that comic book movies have taken over. So everyone needs a franchise these days to keep the lights on, forgoing the mid-range adult dramas that keep TNT’s late night schedule filled for either big-budgeted action extravaganzas or micro-budgeted horror movies that make a big profit.

And now that we’re entering a secondary rush of big blockbusters to end off the year, it seems like a pretty good time to take stock on the good ones we’ve got. The ones that deserve to be kept alive and not the ones being kept on life support because a studio doesn’t know when to quit (*cough* Universal Monsters *cough*).

10. The Purge

The Purge

This is a really interesting series, and one that didn’t seem like it would be on a list like this at the time of its inception. The first film introduced an interesting hook to the world but failed to deliver on it, giving us a bland home invasion movie in the process. But it made a crap ton of money and immediately entered the pop culture lexicon thanks to its great hook. So when it was time for a sequel to come along, mastermind James DeMonaco got the juice needed to go bigger and delve into the premise he wasn’t budgetarily allowed to explore the first time out.

Now that we are two sequels in with the promise of another entry into the series, as well as a TV show that will better explore the world it has built, the series has become one of the most prime properties right now. Mainly because it → continue…

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