Dry Cabinets: Protecting Your Camera Gear from Fungus and Corrosion

By V Renée

High humidity can turn your expensive DSLRs and lenses into fungal science experiments. But here’s one solution that can protect your gear.

If you live or work somewhere with high humidity, you might be well aware of how easy it is for your camera gear to get covered in fungus and dust. This is especially an issue for lenses because when dust particles are introduced to moisture inside of a lens, a fungus grows that can cause irreversible damage (called “etching”) to the glass, affecting image quality.

One way of combating this is by storing your DSLRs and lenses inside an electronic dry cabinet. These things regulate the relative humidity inside the enclosure to ensure that your gear isn’t being exposed to excessive moisture, dirt, or dust while being stored. You can find a few of these units on B&H and elsewhere from manufacturers like Sirui, but Ruggard recently came out with two cabinets that come in a large 80L size ($340) and a small 30L size ($130). The dry cabinets use a TE Cooling Wafer to regulate humidity, have rubber-sealed lockable doors, and have a dimmable LCD display.

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From:: No Film School