10 Great Modern Movies That Pay Homage To Exploitation Cinema

By Zane Van Cleave

Exploitation. The very word is its own violence among vocabulary. Its sound is raw. Its definition; unrelenting. And in the art that is cinema, that force is often amplified. Films considered of the exploitation genre contain extreme violence, sex, nudity, language, and most importantly: power.

Damned by some. Praised by others. These films are the outsiders to what is considered conventional cinema. They are rebellious. Daring. Disturbingly energetic. Like a shot a pure adrenaline to the moral psyche. They test limits. Shatter boundaries. Soar far beyond any ethical code.

Almost like an enigma, these over the top, blatantly horrifying, meant-to-shock features became surprisingly popular over the years. Nearly to the point where, these days, they could almost be considered mainstream. Along with the rise of this notorious esteem it has seemed an increase in directors willing to respect, worship, emulate, and even parody the essence of these divine exploitation treasures.

For this list, I have compiled ten modern films that encompass the infectious force of the exploitation genre while not shying from referencing those that inspired them. These are the films that prove there is still something so satisfyingly ferocious to seeing a white plaster wall splattered with a gallon of sparkling red blood. And they’re not afraid to do so while paying homage to those provocateurs that came before.

(CAUTION: Not to be considered spoiler free!)

10. Nocturnal Animals

Fashion designer turned film director Tom Ford earned rave reviews for his 2009 debut drama “A Single Man”. A beautifully, almost poetically conceived film in which a gay college professor in the 60’s named George (Colin Firth) struggles to cope and find meaning after the death of his longtime partner Jim (Matthew Goode).

This is one of those rare films that reaches it’s smallest, most insignificant moments through the screen → continue…

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The 10 Best Movie Franchises of All Time

By Tom Lorenzo

Franchises are Hollywood’s main business these days. It’s been like that for a while now, but it’s gotten even more ingrained over the years now that comic book movies have taken over. So everyone needs a franchise these days to keep the lights on, forgoing the mid-range adult dramas that keep TNT’s late night schedule filled for either big-budgeted action extravaganzas or micro-budgeted horror movies that make a big profit.

And now that we’re entering a secondary rush of big blockbusters to end off the year, it seems like a pretty good time to take stock on the good ones we’ve got. The ones that deserve to be kept alive and not the ones being kept on life support because a studio doesn’t know when to quit (*cough* Universal Monsters *cough*).

10. The Purge

The Purge

This is a really interesting series, and one that didn’t seem like it would be on a list like this at the time of its inception. The first film introduced an interesting hook to the world but failed to deliver on it, giving us a bland home invasion movie in the process. But it made a crap ton of money and immediately entered the pop culture lexicon thanks to its great hook. So when it was time for a sequel to come along, mastermind James DeMonaco got the juice needed to go bigger and delve into the premise he wasn’t budgetarily allowed to explore the first time out.

Now that we are two sequels in with the promise of another entry into the series, as well as a TV show that will better explore the world it has built, the series has become one of the most prime properties right now. Mainly because it → continue…

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Watch: This Is What Happens When a Filmmaker Needs to Sell a Used Car

By V Renée

Selling your used car is a serious pain in the ass—unless, of course, you’re this guy.

How do people usually sell their used cars? Well, if you’re like me, you take a bunch of horrible photos of the battered exterior and crusty interior, try to remember all of the pertinent specifications of the make, model, and year, and then head online to write a super boring ad on Craigslist listing it for its KBB value or best offer. Then, after many agonizingly silent weeks or months, someone reaches out wanting to buy your hooptie-ass crapwagon for much less than you’re willing to sell it for, but who cares, right, because you’re so done with the whole miserable process.

Or, if you’re like director Max Lanman, you go out and shoot the most epic used car commercial, go viral, and end up getting offered 68x what the car is actually worth. Like a boss!

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Rylo 360 takes action cameras to new found levels of usefulness

By noreply@redsharknews.com (Simon Wyndham)

Rylo's new camera brings new versatility to the action camera market

The Rylo 360 aims to focus in on an alternative, more practical use for VR video.

  • Rylo 360
  • 360 video

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    Dry Cabinets: Protecting Your Camera Gear from Fungus and Corrosion

    By V Renée

    High humidity can turn your expensive DSLRs and lenses into fungal science experiments. But here’s one solution that can protect your gear.

    If you live or work somewhere with high humidity, you might be well aware of how easy it is for your camera gear to get covered in fungus and dust. This is especially an issue for lenses because when dust particles are introduced to moisture inside of a lens, a fungus grows that can cause irreversible damage (called “etching”) to the glass, affecting image quality.

    One way of combating this is by storing your DSLRs and lenses inside an electronic dry cabinet. These things regulate the relative humidity inside the enclosure to ensure that your gear isn’t being exposed to excessive moisture, dirt, or dust while being stored. You can find a few of these units on B&H and elsewhere from manufacturers like Sirui, but Ruggard recently came out with two cabinets that come in a large 80L size ($340) and a small 30L size ($130). The dry cabinets use a TE Cooling Wafer to regulate humidity, have rubber-sealed lockable doors, and have a dimmable LCD display.

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    Canon EF-M 22mm F2 STM sample gallery

    The Canon EF-M 22mm F2 is by no means a new lens. But it’s a lens we find ourselves returning to again and again as we test Canon’s mirrorless cameras. It’s matched perfectly to small, mirrorless camera bodies; put it on an M100 and you’ve got an extremely compact and lightweight combination that’s ideal for everyday situations.

    We’ve collected some of our sample images with this handy little lens from years past into a single gallery – take a look.

    See our Canon EF-M 22mm F2 STM
    sample gallery

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    GoPro is Back On The Horse – Restores Growth, Profitability and New Products

    By Yossy Mendelovich


    GoPro reports its first quarterly profit in two years, after a period of aggressive cost cuts without reduction of innovative efforts.

    It seems that GoPro is a profitable company once again, after having suffered financial losses in the last seven straight quarters, critical malfunctions in products (Karma Drone Recall) and heavy competition in the drone and wearable camera sector.

    As stated in the press release by CEO Nicholas Woodman: “GoPro has turned a corner, restoring growth and profitability of our business… We dramatically reduced operating costs without impacting our product roadmap”.

    “We launched our premium-priced HERO6 Black with global on-shelf availability and strong critical acclaim. We are now focused on driving consumer demand to reach our goal of full-year double-digit revenue growth”, said Woodman.

    The company, which was a hot share in the stock market, has had to resort to a series of mass layoffs in the past, while developing new products like a $1,000 consumer drone, the GoPro HERO6 camera and its first spherical camera, Fusion, which will be available to consumers at the beginning of November.

    During the Earnings Call, Woodman said that the current entry-level GoPro Session would be replaced with a new entry-level model next year (2018).

    “Demand for GoPro’s entry level Session was much higher than anticipated… This new camera will be one of several new products planned for GoPro”, Woodman stated.

    According to GoPro: “It’s impossible to not be excited about the future”

    Take a look at the Fusion camera explained by CEO Nicholas Woodman.

    It seems that the company is definitely trying hard to get back on the horse, and indeed with products like Fusion – GoPro’s entry to the world of spherical capture at the consumer level – there is a good chance to rise → continue…

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    My Sony Sensor Trio by Rick Birt

    By SonyAlpha Admin

    My Sony Sensor Trio Written for Sony Alpha Rumors by Rick Birt of www.romeobravophoto.com First I want to express how grateful I am to Andea for running this site. I am amazed at his dedication, and the work he does for this community. THANK YOU!!! The fact that both my wife and I are professional […]

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    Tile Light Duo launched on Kickstarter by Blind Spot Gear

    By Newsshooter Staff

    A few months ago we reviewed the Tile Light from Blind Spot Gear. A rugged and portable 5600K LED light which performed nicely under the Sekonic C700 light meter and produces…

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