5 Horror Films You Should Study to Learn Cinematography

By V Renée

Blood and guts aren’t the only things that make horror films so terrifying.

For a horror filmmaker, almost every cinematic tool she has at her disposal is used to scare her audience, from creepy sounds to bloody special effects, but perhaps one of the most powerful elements is cinematography. And even though it can be used in horror films to offer big scares and terrifying thrills, cinematography is also used to provide so much more. In this video from Aputure, we get to learn how films like Pan’s Labyrinth and The Silence of the Lambs work to build tension, create wonder, and give us all a greater understanding of our humanity.

There are so many great horror films out there that use beautiful and powerful cinematography to tell stories—in fact, the video’s list is painfully short for any horror fan—but let’s take a look at what the camera work in a few of these films teach us.

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