Visualize the Sun, Moon and Stars at Any Time and Any Location with Helios Pro

By Daron James

Simulate how light will illuminate and shadows will fall each minute at your future locations with 3D landscapes and augmented reality.

Finding the right location for your shoot can be taxing, and when you do, it’s even harder to know the exact position of the sun unless you camp out all day. While most of us can figure out where the sun will generally be in the sky, Chemical Wedding aims to pinpoint the sun’s precise location and simulate lighting and shadows plus provide the position of the moon and stars in a new app dubbed Helios Pro.

We spoke about Chemical Wedding’s viewfinder app Aretmis in our previous “5 Handy Filmmaker Apps” article, and this updated software is set to launch November 20. The $30 iOS tool for iPad and iPhones improves upon the original Helios app for cinematographers looking to visualize exactly how the light of sun will look at any location, at any time of the day or year, by now including mapping of the moon and stars. Cool.

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