Learn the Science Behind Writing Screenplays That Keep Us on the Edge of Our Seats

By Justin Morrow

Use the science of attention spans to make audiences itch for more, not twitch and snore.

It’s a familiar feeling to every moviegoer: You find yourself twitching in your seat, or feeling lethargic, and don’t know why. The story might be engaging on multiple levels, but still, for some reason you find your attention drifting, and it’s not just because of the heavy lunch you had, or a bad night’s sleep. In fact, there’s a scientific reason for this torpor, and as a filmmaker, an understanding of the reasons behind this lag in attention will make sure that from first frame to closing credits, you’ll have the audience on the edge of their seats, not slumped in them. To accomplish this goal, let’s examine the concepts of hedonic adaptation and ultradian rhythms, and how you can use the science behind an audience’s attention span to your storytelling advantage.

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