ScreeningRoom: Share Projects and Get Feedback Right in Your Timeline for Free

By Christopher Boone

Invite your collaborators to provide time-coded comments on your work while they watch with this intuitive video platform.

Getting notes on early versions of your film or video project can be a laborious process. Sure, you can send password-protected screeners to your collaborators and trusted friends to ask for notes, but getting precise feedback on exact moments can be burdensome as viewers have to toggle between apps to jot notes and record timecodes. Even worse, your team members may give up on providing any specificity, simply offering general comments without drilling down into the timeline where the problems arise.

If you already subscribe to a premium video service as a professional, you may have access to tools to solicit feedback from partners that allows them to create notes right in your film’s timeline. But what if you can’t afford this level of subscription for your current projects and you want to give your friends and collaborators a way to provide shot-specific notes in an easy-to-use interface? Then you need to check out ScreeningRoom.

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From:: No Film School