Came-TV Prophet and Spry – 2 New Multi-Function Gimbals

By Fabian Chaundy

The new Came-TV Prophet and Spry gimbals for small cameras and smartphones feature removable heads for a variety of setups.

Back in April at NAB, Came-TV announced a couple of gimbals that would be ready to ship later in the year. Now that they are finally shipping, let’s take a closer look!

Came-TV Prophet

The Came-TV Prophet is a 3-axis gimbal designed for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. In terms of design, it is the successor to the Came-TV Argo.

Unlike the Argo, the Prophet comes a with a single-handed grip as standard. However, thanks to the interchangeable design of the gimbal head, you can purchase additional mounts as necessary, such as the two-handed handlebar, the Orbit-Two Ring or the Tessera handle, which adds a 4th axis of stabilisation thanks to its spring-loaded mechanism.

Came-TV Prophet

The Came-TV Prophet in its various confirurations.

The motors on the Prophet support full 360° of movement, and the pan motor on the side can be configured on either side of the camera for maximum flexibility. In terms of weight, the single-handed version of the Prophet comes in at 1.65kg, with a maximum payload of 3kg, or 6.6lb.

When it comes to power, Came-TV has designed the gimbal to work with Sony BP-style batteries, and can run up to 10 hours on a single charge. If you want to get additional batteries, be aware that the originals from Sony can get quite expensive and, although there are also cheaper 3rd-party options, they are still more pricey than the more commonly-available NP-style.

The Came-TV gimbal is also compatible with the Manfrotto 501PL quick-release plate system, making it easier to → continue…

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