Nokia stops building its OZO Professional Virtual Reality Camera

By Matthew Allard ACS

Nokia has stopped building its OZO virtual reality cameras after their research found that the VR market was developing at a slower than expected rate. This also coincides with Nokia…

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10 Must-See So Bad They’re Good Movies From The 2000s

By Mike Gray

The 2000s saw a vast amount of films produced, perhaps more than ever before. Seemingly recession-proof, the film industry around the world kept making films, for good or ill, hoping to snag a few (even more) hard-earned bucks from consumers. But in this flood were some real clunkers that swept up along the way, somehow produced even though they should have never gotten past the screenwriting stage.

But there’s always something a little endearing about films that are “so bad they’re good.” A lot of work (or very little work) went into them, and they were actually made from stem to stern. Even more surprising is when these are big-budget films that involved hundreds of people across dozens of fields to produce them, making one wonder who exactly is in charge of saying “no” at some point.

Here are the 10 best “so bad they’re good” films from the 2000s. Cult film fans and those who enjoy watching grating awfulness on the screen will find none better than the ten titles detailed below to pop on and have a laugh or two at. After all, is it really so bad if it brings even a little joy to someone’s life?

1. Battlefield Earth (2000)

Terl Battlefield Earth

What a delightful nightmare this film is. It’s completely insane, of course, but let’s luxuriate once more in this symphony of madness: this delicious piece of insanity was made seemingly to exist as ultimate snark-bait.

Recapping the plot seems useless: it’s a big pile of sci-fi claptrap adapted from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s shitty novel set in the year 3000 about an Earth that was brought to its knees by some alien goons known as Psychos that somehow took over the world without understanding that the world they took over had nuclear → continue…

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Calcium and Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness Join Forces to Sponsor the 2017 New York Festivals Young Global Award

By Admin


Calcium and Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness will join forces this year to support …

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Prime Focus Technologies Wins ‘Best of Show Award’ at IBC 2017

By Admin

Culver City, CA

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), the technology arm of Prime Focus, has been awarded NewBay Media’s TV Tech Global Magazine IBC 2017 ‘Best of Show’ for its industry-first Interoperable Master Format (IMF) Media…

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Second Annual Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards Nominations Unveiled

By Admin


The Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA) have announced the nominees for the second annual Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards. The winners will be…

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Watch: Roger Deakins on Personal Connection through Cinematography

By Filmmaker Staff

To supplement Matt Mulcahey’s interview with Roger Deakins about shooting Blade Runner 2049, check out ARRI’s interview with the legendary DP. He starts with a few general anecdotes, notes that he’s not lit the way he’d light a scene, and tells a story about lighting a scene in Sicario with just a lighter, among other highlights. → continue…

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Aggiornamento firmware Atomos per Shogun ora supporta Varicam LT e altre news

By News

Atomos ha rilasciato un nuovo firmware per i loro Shogun Inferno e Ninja Inferno con nuove funzionalità e un nuovo flusso di lavoro. Se siete utilizzatori di un registratore Shogun Inferno 4K, è il caso di considerare l’aggiornamento a AtomOS 8.4, poiché ora supporta il Raw, ProRes e DNX a 10 bit, il Raw a 2k a

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‘Lady Bird’: Greta Gerwig on Why a Screenwriter’s Job is to Listen as Much as to Write

By Sophia Harvey

Greta Gerwig may be a new director, but she knows a thing or two about movies.

Greta Gerwig first came onto the film scene as an actress associated with New York City’s mumblecore movement. She was cast in a small part in Joe Swanberg’s LOL in 2006, while she was still a student at Barnard College. Though her career successes pulled her towards acting, Gerwig’s original and prevailing dreams were behind the scenes. She had gone to Barnard with the intention of becoming a playwright, and now all these years later, she’s finally taken the plunge.

“When I finished the script I was like, ‘you’ve always wanted to do this, you’re not going to get any more information, you just gotta jump.'”

Lady Bird is Gerwig’s first directorial work, and it’s strikingly personal. The film resonates with a soulfulness that is in part due to Gerwig’s leadership, but also due to the phenomenal acting presences of Saoirse Ronen and Laurie Metcalf. It’s clear from the film’s steady hand that Gerwig’s long-gestating directorship was well worth the wait.

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Sai Selvarajan’s Audible Static NBC Universal ShortsFest’s Finalist



Lucky Post’s Sai Selvarajan presents Audible Static, the story of Thaddeus, a teenager in love. With love comes panic. Silence. Racing thoughts, but no words. Just audible static. Written, directed and edited by Selvarajan, Audible Static is one of nine finalists screening at the…

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Free Atomos Firmware Update Adds Varicam LT Support and More for Shogun Users

By Daron James

Atomos rolls out new software for Shogun Inferno and Ninja Inferno recorders with new workflow features for filmmakers.

If you’re a Shogun Inferno 4K recorder user, you might want to consider updating to AtomOS 8.4 as it now brings 10-bit Raw 2K 100/120/200/240p to ProRes and DNX, 12-bit Raw to CDNG up to 4K 30p and 10-bit Raw 2K 100/120p to CDNG for the Panasonic Varicam LT. With this release, Shogun Inferno now has raw support for Sony, Canon and Panasonic cinema cameras.

In an earlier firmware update, Atomos added Dual-link and Quad-link 3G-SDI connectivity for ProRes/DNxHD recording as well as 4K Raw 100/120fps burst support for the Sony FS5 and FS700.

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Came-TV Prophet and Spry – 2 New Multi-Function Gimbals

By Fabian Chaundy

The new Came-TV Prophet and Spry gimbals for small cameras and smartphones feature removable heads for a variety of setups.

Back in April at NAB, Came-TV announced a couple of gimbals that would be ready to ship later in the year. Now that they are finally shipping, let’s take a closer look!

Came-TV Prophet

The Came-TV Prophet is a 3-axis gimbal designed for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. In terms of design, it is the successor to the Came-TV Argo.

Unlike the Argo, the Prophet comes a with a single-handed grip as standard. However, thanks to the interchangeable design of the gimbal head, you can purchase additional mounts as necessary, such as the two-handed handlebar, the Orbit-Two Ring or the Tessera handle, which adds a 4th axis of stabilisation thanks to its spring-loaded mechanism.

Came-TV Prophet

The Came-TV Prophet in its various confirurations.

The motors on the Prophet support full 360° of movement, and the pan motor on the side can be configured on either side of the camera for maximum flexibility. In terms of weight, the single-handed version of the Prophet comes in at 1.65kg, with a maximum payload of 3kg, or 6.6lb.

When it comes to power, Came-TV has designed the gimbal to work with Sony BP-style batteries, and can run up to 10 hours on a single charge. If you want to get additional batteries, be aware that the originals from Sony can get quite expensive and, although there are also cheaper 3rd-party options, they are still more pricey than the more commonly-available NP-style.

The Came-TV gimbal is also compatible with the Manfrotto 501PL quick-release plate system, making it easier to → continue…

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Why Experimental Legend Lucrecia Martel Argues That We Need Classic Cinema

By Sophia Harvey

Lucrecia Martel is back—and she wants you to be uncomfortable.

The purpose of cinema for director Lucrecia Martel has never been escapism. Her films have been consistently disruptive, works that jolt you into a state of alertness, if only for their duration. And though it’s been nine years since her last feature, none of that has changed.

Zama is the latest from the Argentinian experimental filmmaker. While it’s just as bold as her other films, it’s radically different in style and subject. It’s clear that Martel’s sabbatical was not wasted. Why so long between projects? “It takes time for me to get into something to like it enough to make a movie,” Martel said. “I am not that hardworking.” She is perhaps too humble. Zama is clearly the result of a deep delving obsession with the material, brought forth by a wild directorial spirit and exacting mind.

At this year’s New York Film Festival, where Zama made its U.S. premiere, Martel gave us a peek into that mind. She discussed her methods for working with actors, how to bring life of “the artifice of film,” and her obsession with YouTube.

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Metabones’ Devil’s Speed Booster turns Pentax Q cameras into ‘monster low-light machines’

Metabones—the company known for its lens adapters and focal reducing Speed Boosters—has released a new Speed Booster that ought to have Pentax Q users salivating a bit. It’s called the Q666 0.5x ‘Devils Speed Booster’, because it allows Pentax Q owners to mount Nikon F and G lenses and produce a working aperture of f/0.666 when a lens with an f/1.2 aperture is used wide open.

The booster has a magnification of 0.5x and produces a 2.8x crop factor when used with the Q and Q10, and a 2.3x factor with the Q7 and Q-S1.

Metabones has used six elements in four groups inside this new Speed Booster, and has incorporated what it calls a ‘long-throw clickless aperture ring’ for G lenses that has eight marked positions. The adapter is compatible with all Nikkor and Nikon-mount lenses except the Nikkor 2.1cm f/4 and the 20mm f/2.8 AI-S.

The idea for the adapter was launched in August, but this is the first version to emerge. Metabones promises one in a Pentax K mount as well.

The Metabones Nikon G to Pentax Q Speed Booster Q666 0.50x costs $490. For more information, visit the Metabones website.

Press Release

Metabones Devil’s Speed Booster Q666 0.50x

Caldwell Photographic Inc. and Metabones® is pleased to announce the Speed Booster Q666, a.k.a. “The Devil’s Speed Booster”, exclusively for Pentax Q series cameras. With its 0.5x magnification and world-record f/0.666 maximum speed it is crazy wicked fast. So make a deal with the devil today and turn your Pentax Q with its back-illuminated sensor into a monster low-light machine unlike anything ever seen in photography. Attach an f/1.2 lens and stop down a little to see how Stanley Kubrick made do with f/0.7 for filming those famous → continue…

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Adobe just made it way easier to import Lightroom collections into Adobe Portfolio

Adobe has announced that Portfolio, its online website publishing service for CC customers, has a new integration with Lightroom that lets users import their collections and add photos to their website with next-to-no effort.

As of this new update, a users’ Lightroom content will simply show up within Portfolio’s ‘Manage Content’ section under the ‘Integrations’ tab. From there, users are able to choose any of their Lightroom Collections to import to a Page on Portfolio. When added to the website, Adobe says the full Collection appears as a new Page with a photo grid, which you can then customize by removing images and/or rearranging the grid. Other elements, such as text and videos, can also be added to the page.

Finally, Adobe also says that Portfolio will now automatically import new Behance projects to new Pages within a chosen gallery—assuming the user chooses a default import gallery and has their Adobe ID associated with a Behance account.

Imported content is tagged with either a Lightroom or Behance badge in the Manage Content section to show where it was imported from.

To learn more about these new features or give them a try for yourself, head over to the Adobe Creative Cloud blog or download the latest version of Portfolio and give Lightroom import a shot for yourself.

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EyeEm now lets you collect multiple model releases at once over text message

If you license images of people, you know how much of a pain it can be to gather the appropriate model releases. For every photo, you need a new release, even if you’re uploading 20 photos of the same person from the same photo shoot. Well, no longer. EyeEm just introduced a multi-release feature that lets you handle multiple releases at once; what’s more, you can do it all over text message.

The feature is very straightforward, as EyeEm shows in this short demo video:

It’s a 5-step process.

  • Step 1: Log on to EyeEm on the web, open the notifications pane, and go to To Dos.
  • Step 2: Click “Releases for multiple photos”
  • Step 3: Select all photos that show the same person
  • Step 4: Click next and fill out the model’s name
  • Step 5: Click next and share the link with your model through your favorite messaging app—SMS, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and more are all available.

That’s it. The model can select only the photos they want to release, and once they’ve signed you will receive a confirmation email.

This might seem like a small feature, but if you’re a prolific stock photographer, generating multiple releases this easily removes a serious pain point. Plus, these releases can be used on other platforms as well, including Getty, Adobe, Alamy, and others.

To learn more about the feature or give the EyeEm app a go for yourself, head over to the EyeEm Blog by clicking here.

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