The 30 Best Horror Movies of The 1990s

By James Swift

Anthony Hopkins, Silence of the Lambs

For whatever reason, a lot of genre fans tend to reflect on the 1990s as a lackluster decade for horror movies. Considering the countless, bloodsoaked classics of the 1980s, I suppose it was going to be difficult – if not impossible – for the decade ahead to placate a generation of fans weaned on Cannibal Holocaust, The Evil Dead and a deluge of Freddy and Jason flicks.

While there weren’t as many slasher, cannibal and zombie masterpieces in the 1990s, it’s also a bit disingenuous to say the decade was devoid of quality horror offerings. In fact, one could argue the 1990s actually had a greater spate of top-notch horror movies than the ‘80s, only with the cream of the crop spread out across a wider array of subgenres. The ‘80s was a great time to be a horror fan, for sure, but the fact of the matter is that horror films in the 1990s were more diverse, more experimental and arguably more interesting.

Which brings us to this gargantuan list of 1990s horror movies. Now, the point here isn’t to count down the best or most entertaining horror flicks of the decade, but to give moviegoers who may not be as well versed in the decade’s offerings a chance to see how horror movies changed throughout the ‘90s. Some of these movies are unquestionably all-time masterpieces of cinema and some of them are unquestionably all-time masterpieces of crap.

Regardless, in their own unique ways, they capture something noteworthy about 1990s horror tropes and stylings and demonstrate the chronological evolution of the medium. Moreover, these movies are ephemeral encapsulations of the times, a snapshot of the greater 1990s culture, be it the fashion, the music, the lingo or the technology. Not only will watching these movies give you a good → continue…

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