10 Great 2017 Movies That Won’t Get an Oscar Nomination

By Justin Gunterman


Last year, the folks at Taste of Cinema decides to do a list of best movies that wouldn’t get nominated for best picture at the Oscars. Considering how easy it is to narrow down the best picture nominations, a list like that proved to be a little easy to compile.

So in an attempt to narrow things down even more, this list will include ten movies that are (almost) guaranteed to earn zero Oscar nominations. The fact that Bad Grandpa is an Oscar nominee proves that anything is possible, but it’s pretty safe to say that the following movies will be ignored when nominations are finally announced.

Since technical categories count, big blockbusters like Logan and Wonder Woman won’t be included on this list. Though they’re not going to sweep the Oscars by any means, they still have a shot at sneaking into the technical categories.

There has been a lot of put into the list because each category has to be considered. Is the Stephen King’s It destined for Oscar glory? Not exactly, but it could easily pick up a nomination for makeup. The following ten movies, however, are far less likely to pick up any nomination.

10. Megan Leavey

Megan Leavey is formulaic to a fault, but it has enough heart to make up for that. It’s definitely a movie that audiences have seen before, but the cast and crew clearly put a lot of effort into the little movie.

As a result, we get a movie that gets a lot right despite several flaws. These flaws, along with the summer release date, are of course what will inevitably prevent the movie from getting any Oscar attention. Obviously, the quality of the film is not dependent on whether → continue…

From:: Taste Of Cinema