RED surprises everyone with a new full-frame 8K sensor: meet Monstro 8K VV

By (David Shapton)


RED extends its lead in 8K cinematography with a new, improved full frame 8K sensor

  • Monstro
  • Monstro 8K
  • Monstro 8K VV
  • RED Monstro

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    10 Great 2017 Movies That Won’t Get an Oscar Nomination

    By Justin Gunterman


    Last year, the folks at Taste of Cinema decides to do a list of best movies that wouldn’t get nominated for best picture at the Oscars. Considering how easy it is to narrow down the best picture nominations, a list like that proved to be a little easy to compile.

    So in an attempt to narrow things down even more, this list will include ten movies that are (almost) guaranteed to earn zero Oscar nominations. The fact that Bad Grandpa is an Oscar nominee proves that anything is possible, but it’s pretty safe to say that the following movies will be ignored when nominations are finally announced.

    Since technical categories count, big blockbusters like Logan and Wonder Woman won’t be included on this list. Though they’re not going to sweep the Oscars by any means, they still have a shot at sneaking into the technical categories.

    There has been a lot of put into the list because each category has to be considered. Is the Stephen King’s It destined for Oscar glory? Not exactly, but it could easily pick up a nomination for makeup. The following ten movies, however, are far less likely to pick up any nomination.

    10. Megan Leavey

    Megan Leavey is formulaic to a fault, but it has enough heart to make up for that. It’s definitely a movie that audiences have seen before, but the cast and crew clearly put a lot of effort into the little movie.

    As a result, we get a movie that gets a lot right despite several flaws. These flaws, along with the summer release date, are of course what will inevitably prevent the movie from getting any Oscar attention. Obviously, the quality of the film is not dependent on whether → continue…

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    New RED 8K VV (Full Frame) Monstro Camera

    By Jon Fauer There’s a new large format camera in town. It’s the RED Digital Cinema MONSTRO 8K VV. MONSTRO replaces the 8K VV Dragon sensor sensor. The camera body (brain) stays the same. MONSTRO provides improved image quality, with greater dynamic range and increased shadow detail. See the demo video “Iron Horse.” The new RED WEAPON 8K VV MONSTRO can record 8K, 40.96… read more… → continue…

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    10 Reasons Why “Into the Wild” is a Modern Classic

    By David Zou

    The year 2007 was an excellent year for cinema with many modern classics treating film fans to a buffet of uncompromising filmmaking. One of these masterpieces is Sean Penn’s passion project and love letter to adventurer Christopher “Alexander Supertramp” McCandless.

    Adapted from the non-fiction book (of the same name) by Jon Krakauer, that, in turn, is based on the life and travels of McCandless. The story follows him as he leaves behind his family and travels across America and spends time in the Alaskan wilderness in the early 90s. Throughout his two year journey, he meets a whole host of characters while we’re given snippets of his home life before and after he sets out.

    Anchored by Emile Hirsch’s powerful performance, “Into the Wild” is a thought-provoking film about an idealistic young man which is both inspiring and cautionary. Masterfully balancing biography, survival, drama and adventure, it’s a film that means different things to different people. For that reason alone, it deserves to be seen, discussed and argued over.

    1. The Cast

    When great actors direct films, there’s one thing you can be sure they’ll nail, and that’s the performances. Emile Hirsch’s breakthrough performance is a joy to behold. The film belongs to him and he carries the whole thing on his shoulders.

    Hirsch’s performance balances Chris’s proud, intelligent and stubborn ways with a charm and naivety we can’t help but warm to. Hirsch brings these complexities to screen with a certain grace as we watch Chris’s road to becoming a man. A performance of emotional intensity and outdoor physicality, palpable in the way he touches people along the way and the audience as well.

    When Catherine Keener’s character asks him “do your parents know where you are?” he avoids the question best as he can, but his face tells it → continue…

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    8 of the Easiest Ways to Get Yourself Fired on a Film Set

    By V Renée

    You did it! You landed that sweet film gig. Now, how do you keep yourself from getting canned?

    The film industry is so insanely competitive that it’s nothing short of a miracle to actually get hired to work on a set. If you’re lucky enough to be one of these blessed individuals, don’t sour the deal by doing something stupid enough to get yourself let go on the first day. In this video, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens goes over eight things that will absolutely get you fired if you work on a film set, from arriving late to not following proper setiquette.

    Here are the tips Morgan mentions in the video:

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    RED brings out a new sensor for Weapon. MONSTRO 8K VV

    By Erik Naso

    RED Digital Cinema has a new beast of a camera and it’s called MONSTRO 8K VV . “It’s a new cinematic Full Frame sensor for WEAPON cameras. MONSTRO is an evolutionary step in sensor technology, capturing…

    The post RED brings out a new sensor for Weapon. MONSTRO 8K VV appeared first on Newsshooter.

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    Watch: 5 Films That Director Ridley Scott Loves

    By V Renée

    Ridley Scott’s list of favorite films is as eclectic as they come.

    When it comes to genre, director Ridley Scott’s work is quite diverse. He made a name for himself in the late-70s and early-80s with his brand of dark sci-fi cinema, including titles like Alien and Blade Runner, but eventually went on to cover cop thrillers, war films, “sword and sandal” flicks, and pretty much everything in between. And knowing that he has inspired the work of so many young filmmakers, it makes you wonder if the films that inspired him are just as diverse as his filmography. According to this video by Fandor, they are.

    The list gives you a little bit of everything. You’ve got a film noir made during the height of the film movement, an iconic sci-fi film made by one of the greatest filmmakers who has ever lived, an Australian dramedy that introduced Toni Collette to the world, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi number, and, of course, Star Wars.

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    New Wave Crash Course: Agnès Varda’s Personal Film School

    By Dylan Dempsey

    “We can discover so much just from the mise-en-scène created by life itself.”

    The 55th New York Film Festival was graced with the presence of legendary 88-year old Belgian-born filmmaker Agnès Varda and her new film Faces Places. A pioneer of the French New Wave—aka La Nouvelle Vague, arguably one of the most influential cinematic revolutions in history—Varda has her own brand of film school to share. She’s a contemporary of Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, and other French New Wave barrier-breakers. She’s the widow of filmmaker Jacques Demy (Umbrellas of Cherbourg, 1964). And, most importantly, she’s a force in her own right: a mischievous mix of intellect, wit and no-nonsense advice.

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    3 Story Structures Designed For True Micro-Budget Films

    By Noam Kroll

    Story structure is the backbone of just about every film, and a true mastery of stucture is critical to the success of any filmmaker. Many narrative features falter as a result of poor structure, and unfortunately this is true even of films that are built on very strong premises, characters, and themes. Ultimately, structure provides the connective tissue that brings all of the key ingredients of a great screenplay together, and without the right structural mechanisms it’s difficult to create work that is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

    In this episode, I discuss the concept of strucutre from a top level, outlining why it is especially critical for micro-budget filmmakers that need to make the most out of their limited resources. I also provide 3 individivual examplles of unique story structures that can help filmmakers without much (or any) budget to ensure that their work is as original and engaging as possible.

    Episode 25: 3 Story Structures Designed For True Micro-Budget Films

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    From:: Noam Kroll

    Aputure launches 2K watt Light Storm 300D LED light, its brightest light yet

    Aputure has launched the Light Storm 300D, a 4.6lbs / 2.1kg LED light measuring 13.5in / 34.29cm long with up to 142,000 lux and an output equivalent to a 2,000 watts tungsten. The light can be powered with batteries or through AC power, and can be wirelessly controlled from distances up to 150m / 492ft. Control is also possible through what Aputure calls an intuitive control box.

    The light’s low temperature coupled with its Bowens mount enables users to attach nearly any Bowens mount accessory (if you can find them…), according to Aputure. Additionally, an integrated ultra-silent fan works alongside internal thermometers to intelligently adjust its speed based on the light’s temperature.

    Color accuracy is exceptional with a CRI rating of ≥95 and TCLI rating of ≥96 alongside a 5500K±200K color temperature.

    The Light Storm 300D is currently listed on Amazon with an in-stock date of November 15th and a $1,100 USD price tag.

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    Seagate’s 12TB BarraCuda Pro is the fastest, highest capacity desktop drive on the market

    As storage needs grow with the rise of VR content and ubiquity of 4K video, it looks like more and more hard drive options are becoming available that boast better reliability and performance at even bigger capacities. Case in point: Seagate has just announced new 12TB versions of its IronWolf, IronWolf Pro, and BarraCuda Pro hard drives, following hot on the heels of Western Digital’s recent 12TB drive launch.

    These new Seagate drives come in a 3.5-inch form factor, with the BarraCuda Pro drive designed for desktop use, while both IronWolf drives are designed for Network-attached Storage (NAS) devices.

    According to Seagate, the new 7200rpm 12TB BarraCuda Pro is “the fastest, highest-capacity and most reliable hard drive for desktop computing available on the market today.” The inclusion of Intel Optane non-volatile memory offers responsiveness and performance akin to that of an SSD, as well as twice the load and boot speeds compared to standard drives. This tech allows the drive to offer sustained data transfer rates of 250MB/s and burst data speeds up to 6Gb/s.

    The IronWolf drives, meanwhile, are designed for creative professionals and others who prefer centralizing data onto a NAS unit. Both of the new 12TB drives support Seagate’s IronWolf Health Management software, which is designed for use with the Asustor NAS, Synology DiskStation NAS, and QNAP NAS units and helps to protect data with ‘prevention, intervention, and recovery’ solutions.

    The IronWolf 12TB drive has a sustained data transfer rate of 210MB/s and the IronWolf Pro 12TB has a sustained transfer rate of 250MB/s. Both the IronWolf and IronWolf Pro 12TB HDDs are listed on Newegg for $470 and $540, respectively. Unfortunately, the ‘world’s fastest’ of the bunch, the BarraCuda Pro → continue…

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    American Society of Cinematographers Names 2018 Honorees

    By Admin


    In recognition of their special contributions to the art of cinematography, the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) has named four honorees who will be feted at the 32nd ASC Awards for Outstanding Achievement. Russell Carpenter…

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    Sound Devices Increases Track Size on Popular MixPre Series

    By Daron James

    A multichannel recorder, mixer and USB interface, the new MixPre-10T from Sound Devices adds versatility to your audio workflow.

    Sound Devices has stepped out from the lab again to announce a fresh addition to its MixPre series, the MixPre-10T. Introduced earlier this year, the MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 marked the company’s jump from high-end professional sound gear to products aggressively priced for the masses. The MixPre-10T aims to add to that successful lineup.

    Its built-in “ultra-high accuracy” timecode generator holds timecode for hours even when turned off.

    Read More

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    PolarPro FiftyFifty Review – A New Way to Compose Your Watersport Shots

    By Gunther Machu

    PolarPro FiftyFifty

    The PolarPro FiftyFifty is the latest gadget for the GoPro HERO 5: a dome for split shots over and underwater. Read on for sample footage and my impressions.

    Having used GoPro gear for the last few years, I am constantly amazed by the evolution of the cameras and their accessories. I recently got my hands on the PolarPro FiftyFifty, a dome shaped-accessory that allows you to achieve shots above and below the water surface simultaneously.

    Now you may ask, why would I need a dome? Couldn’t I just hold the GoPro half way over and under water? There are two reasons why this isn’t a good idea. First, the GoPro’s tiny lens makes it difficult to accurately hit that half/half position. Secondly, there’s the small detail of physics blurring your image: the surface tension of the water, in addition to the air and plastic front lens creates a contact angle with a water surface curvature, acting like an optical element. If this happens directly on your front lens, it blurs a lot of your recorded image. However, if this phenomenon happens further away – hence the dome – then it occupies only a small portion of the image, and you get a clear split shot.

    The PolarPro FiftyFifty

    PolarPro recently introduced their dome for the GoPro HERO 5, the FiftyFifty. It comes in a nice package, and includes a grip as well as a neoprene cover to protect the dome surface. Mounting the GoPro is a matter of a few seconds, and you are ready to go.

    Shooting with the FiftyFifty

    All in all, getting those interesting angles and split shots with a dome is not too difficult. It really adds another dimension to your compositions – a very valuable tool! Nevertheless, here are a few things to consider shooting with the → continue…

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    Submissions for The 22nd Annual Art Directors Guild Excellence In Production Design Awards Now Open

    By Admin

    Television and feature film submissions for the Art Directors Guild (ADG) 22nd Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards are set to open today, Thursday, October 5, 2017. “Production Design in Animation: Celebrating 100…

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