Aputure Ships Super Bright 300D LED 2K Equivalent

By Charles Haine

With the new 300D from Aputure, filmmakers can get even more light with basic wall outlets.

After debuting at NAB back in April, the new 300D from Aputure is finally shipping. The compact unit is not only wall-pluggable, but it draws a mere 300 watts while outputting light equivalent to a 2K unit. All for right around $1000.

The 2K has a long and storied history on film sets as the biggest light you can plug into wall power. When doing an “edison” type shoot that needed a big unit, the 2K junior or open face was it before the Barger Baglite came along. With the 300-watt power draw of the new 300D, you get an equivalent light volume to the old school 2K, but you can safely plug six of them into a single 20 amp circuit.

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From:: No Film School