10 Great Movies From The 21st Century You May Have Missed

By David Zou

Michael Shannon in Take Shelter

Being a cinephile nowadays is a tremendous deal. No matter how many films someone watches per year or how well informed someone is, something is always going to be missed. It’s a fact, so always be prepared to say “no” when someone asks you the illustrious question: “Do you know this movie?”

The biggest fear of a moviegoer may be the fact of not having any more films to watch. Now that’s a big deal. Although it may never happen, you will always ask yourself the “if” question. But don’t worry. Film production is always on the move. While everybody complains about the lack of originality in Hollywood and the lack of ideas in general, the truth is that there is always something new to tell. And more importantly than telling something new is telling something in a new or different way.

The main goal of this list is to introduce the listed films below to a larger audience, and get the audience to know a little portion of the great cinema that hides around. For a true inquisitive film lover, or depending on the where region someone resides, some titles may be known, but for the average moviegoer, these films are generally completely unknown.

Having said this, feel free to share your great not well known films in the comments section.

So, here we go with 10 incredible films from the last century you may have missed in your lifetime.

10. Lilya 4-Ever (2002)


This Swedish film from 2002, directed by Lukas Moodysson, who also directed the cult film “Fucking Amal” (1998), is a touching work of art.

It tells the story of an underprivileged teenage girl who has been abandoned by his mother and has to make a living on his own, and stars Oksana Akinshina playing the beautiful and → continue…

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