Vimeo Acquires Livestream – Meet Vimeo Live

By Olaf von Voss

Vimeo Live

New York based video platform Vimeo has acquired Livestream, a well-known hub for hosting and managing live video feeds. The resulting offspring is called Vimeo Live. What does this mean for our fast-paced, content-driven industry? Let’s have a look.

Vimeo Live – Stream Your Event Straight to Vimeo

In a world of growing demand for fresh content this latest business move by Vimeo seems to be a smart one. The acquisition of Livestream and the resulting launch of Vimeo Live enables users to livestream their favorite events in full HD (1080p) straight to Vimeo. After the livestream of choice has concluded the stream will be saved and published as a regular video to your collection. If your original video feed was 4K, that resolution will be applied, even if the livestream is limited to 1080p. The necessary transcoding (4K -> 1080p) is being applied in the cloud but you can also use your own encoder of choice if you like.

All the tested and trusted Vimeo tools are there, too. You can customize your player, embed it and view real time stats. A live chat feature is also available. All this comes at a price, though. Vimeo Live is available as an upgrade from the Pro and Business tiers. A basic (free) membership or a Plus one won’t do it.

Vimeo PRO Live is a whooping $75 per month ($20 / month without the Live feature). This includes 5 hours of livestreaming per month. If you want more, you’ll need to purchase a BUSINESS Live subscription for $300 per month. That one includes unlimitd streaming hours but each individual event has a 5-hour limit. For a complete list of features, check out the Vimeo Live website.

What About Vimeo on-demand?

Before the launch of Vimeo Live, → continue…

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