The 10 Best 2010s Movies On Netflix Right Now

By David Zou


There are simply too many movies streaming online. It’s almost impossible to know which are good or bad by the short summaries these services provide, and scrolling endlessly through the available titles separated by genre can frustrate the movie fan who just wants to find something good to watch for the evening.

To spare the film fan from wasting hours researching the titles that appear on Netflix to see if they are worth the time, here are 10 of the best movies from the 2010s that are currently available on Netflix right now.

1. The Founder (2016)

Ray Kroc wasn’t doing so well as a traveling milkshake mixer salesman. In fact, he wasn’t doing so well in his career, having tried a number of schemes to get rich. Then in 1954, he traveled across the country to a single hamburger stand that was ordering an inordinate amount of mixers, and in the process found his dream business in the McDonald brothers’ fast food operation. The rest is history, but the story of how Kroc managed to swindle two hard-working, honest brothers for their idea, business model, and very name may just make your next meal at McDonald’s taste a little sour.

Michael Keaton plays the ambitious and more than a little ruthless Ray Kroc with steely resolve as he claws his way to the top to establish the largest fast-food chain in the world and make hundreds of millions of dollars in the process, burning nearly everyone involved in the process. This slick biographical film keeps the story moving at a fast clip and is an entertaining–and revealing–look at how ruthlessness capitalistic ambition can change someone for the worse, all while revolutionizing the food industry.

2. Cloud Atlas (2012)

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Learn the Basics of Using Color as a Powerful Storytelling Device

By V Renée

Color is one of the most powerful tools you’ll use as a filmmaker.

How do you tell a story? If you’re a filmmaker you know that you have so much more than the written word at your disposal. You have dialogue, camera movement, framing, costuming, set design, and editing all there waiting to inform and entertain your audience. But there is one very powerful narrative element that should never go unnoticed on any film production: color.

In this video, JP Caldeano of CINEMATICJ explains basic color theory, as well as how filmmakers can use color as a powerful storytelling device.

Caldeano does a great job of breaking down basic color theory for those who may not know much about it, but he also brings up a great point for those who may have more experience working with color with their films. It’s something that seems pretty simple but it actually goes unnoticed rather easily in the chaos of film production.

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How to Create an Isolated Echo Motion Trail Effect in After Effects

By V Renée

This awesome effect is pretty simple to pull off and has tons of great applications.

If you’ve spent any time in Adobe After Effects, chances are you’ve played around with the Echo effect, which basically just stacks frames from different times in the layer to create “streaking” or “ghosting.” This produces some pretty cool looking images, but if you want it to affect something specific, you’ll need to know how to isolate and apply it to a single part of your frame or a specific object. In this tutorial, Justin Odisho shows you a simple way to do this, as well as how to adjust the Echo effect settings to get exactly what you want.

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8 Signature Trademarks of Darren Aronofsky’s Work

By V Renée

What makes a Darren Aronofsky film a Darren Aronofsky film?

Obsessive, expressionistic, and agonizing are a few things that characterize the work of Darren Aronofsky. From his first feature film Pi to his latest mother!, the director has made a name for himself for his brand of psychologically horrifying cinema. Crafting films that dive headfirst into the painfully traumatized minds of his isolated, troubled characters, Aronofsky forces audiences to look into the spotted mirrors of their own subconsciousness, to grapple with their beliefs surrounding existence, reality, and the darkness that quietly consumes us all.

In this video essay, ScreenPrism digs into eight of Aronofsky’s cinematic trademark to reveal how he constructs these intensely emotional and psychologically harrowing stories.

Though Aronofsky’s career has spanned nearly two decades, he has only directed seven feature films. However, each of those films is packed to the brim with visual sensation and cinematic poetry that one could watch each one repeatedly and find something new every time.

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Understanding the Formatting of a Screenplay (and Why It All Matters)

By V Renée

Most filmmakers know scripts follow a very particular format, but do they know why they do?

Thanks to all of the low-cost/free screenwriting programs that are available nowadays, writers don’t have to think too hard about formatting when penning scripts. However, understanding what all of the different formatting components are, like slug lines and action, as well as why they’re formatted the way they are is important for making sure that your story is not only organized and clear but that it adheres to industry standards. This video from StudioBinder helps demystify many of the basic formatting rules as well as several obscure ones in screenwriting. Check it out below:

Again, screenwriting software like Final Draft, Celtx, and WriterDuet make it easy to not concern yourself with script format too much, but it’s still important to learn. You may not have to worry about margins, typeface, or indentations, but you’ll still need to know how to write action, dialogue, as well as what a slug line is and why the information included in it is so important.

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Challenging Five Untruths about Women in the Film Business at IFP Week’s Persona Project Panel

By Meredith Alloway

It’s been a wild summer for the film industry — and for anyone who has fucked with females. At IFP Week, I was happy to see Filmmaker contributor Taylor Hess touch, ever so delicately, on some of the issues around discrimination and mistreatment that have been plaguing us all. She hosted a panel version of her Persona Project column, which celebrates up-and-coming women in film. On the panel were Sara Kiener, Head of Distribution Strategies at Cinereach; Taylor Shung, Co-Producer, A Woman, a Part; Aijah Keith, Manager of Acquisitions & Production at IFC; and Dana Vladimir, Head of Communications and […] → continue…

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Come caricare video HDR (High Dynamic Range) su YouTube

By News

Forse non tutti lo sanno ma è già possibile caricare contenuti video HDR (High Dynamic Range) su YouTube, i video in HDR sono caratterizzati da un contrasto più elevato e da una maggiore gamma di colori rispetto a quelli digitali standard. Gli spettatori possono guardare i video HDR sulle TV HDR o riprodurli in streaming utilizzando

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The 10 Best Comedy Movies of All Time

By Shane Scott-Travis

Part of the appeal to excellent escapist cinema is that it makes the viewer forget their troubles for a while and in the case of a good comedy, it allows them to inhabit areas where absurdity, laughter and silliness vie for space. Comedy films present cultural touchstones, they cheer us up, they generously offer recognizable and ridiculously quotable quips, while putting forth and playing with influential trends that resonate with audiences for years and year afterwards.

While compiling a list of the best comedies of all time is no small task, limiting that number to just ten films is, admittedly, straight-up folly. While I’d like to make room for such classics as Billy Wilder’s Some Like it Hot (1959), Stanley Kramer’s It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963), or more recent comic tour de force’s like Todd Phillips’ Old School (2003), Larry Charles’ Borat (2006), or Greg Mottola’s Superbad (2007), instead the list that follows here eschews these fine films while still offering up a few alternate but still silly showpieces.

These films include an overlooked masterwork or two, essential influential comic juggernauts, and comedies that forever changed the face of popular cinema.

These ten films rank amongst not just the best comedies of all time, but amongst the very finest films ever made. Delights await, so please, enjoy!

10. Airplane! (1980)

Airplane! (1980)

This hysterical satirical parody picture from the triple threat producer/director/writer team of Jim Abrahams, and David and Jerry Zucker is their undisputed wacky masterwork. Blowing the raspberry at the disaster film genre––namely such populist hits as Zero Hour! (1957), Earthquake! (1974), and Towering Inferno (1974)––Airplane! is best remembered for its lightening-paced slapstick, sight gags and verbal puns.

When a nasty course of food poisoning wipes out the flight crew and several passengers aboard an ill-fated 747, → continue…

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Vintage Lens Review: Helios 44-2 58mm F2 – Indie Film Hustle

By Alex Ferrari

Helios 44-2 58mm F2 Much has been written about the infamous Russian bokeh monster, the Helios 44-2 58mm F2. Why infamous you ask? Well, the Helios is a copy of the Carl Zeiss Biotar 58mm. Back in the end of World War II, the Russians occupied East Germany. A few crafty guys went into the Zeiss factory…

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Freelancing Tips from Sound Designer Cheryl Ottenritter – ON THE GO – Episode 69

By Fabian Chaundy

Cheryl Ottenritter

In this final part of our conversation with sound designer Cheryl Ottenritter, we discuss how to take your next steps as a freelancer.

The freelancer’s life can be tough, as the uncertainty of going from job to job can soon become a bit of a hamster wheel. However, as you gain experience and start collecting a number of regular clients, maintaining a healthy and long-lasting relationship with them soon becomes more important that landing particular individual jobs.

We touch on the importance of having a network of trusted friends and colleagues who you can send in your stead when you are sick or double-booked. It often happens that freelancers covet their work, and are afraid to allow other people in. However, by recruiting the help of collaborative partners, not only are you expanding your potential amount of work, you are also making sure your client base is being properly looked after.

Of course, this maintaining of relationships may in some cases mean making small sacrifices – such as discounts under certain circumstances – for the sake of cultivating the path to more work in the future. As Cheryl says, it is important to set the ground rules early on to guarantee a happy client relationship.

Cheryl also tells us about her future plans for her audio post shop Ott House Audio, and how she plans on doing more work with 360 audio and Dolby Atmos.

It has been a fascinating talk with Cheryl Ottenritter, and we hope to see her again very soon on cinema5D ON THE GO!

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This week SAR readers photos selection

By SonyAlpha Admin

Konzty on SonyAlphaForum Nordsee / German North Sea coast shot with A7II, Zeiss 35/1.4 and Canon EF 70-200/4.0 1) Submit your picture with a message and picture here: or on the SonyAlphaForum image section. 2) Like and comment the pictures from other readers here: and on SonyAlphaForum. 3) A selection of most liked […]

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