Indie Film Giant Cassian Elwes to Filmmakers: ‘Make the Movie the Way You Want to Make It’

By Justin Morrow

Veteran film producer Cassian Elwes of ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ and ‘Mudbound’ dropped some knowledge at TIFF 2017.

Cassian Elwes is no stranger to the indie film business. In addition to producing over 50 films, he also spent fifteen years as head of William Morris Independent putting together financing deals for independent films. When Elwes began his producing career in 1983 with his first film, Oxford Blues, the theatrical box office was very much alive and well (and for more than just blockbusters).

But it’s 2017, and today, making films is very different than it was 34 years ago (for one thing, film itself is becoming an increasingly rare feature of filmmaking). Still, Elwes is confident in the future of film, and especially indie film, while acknowledging that these movies will take different routes to the audience than they did before. Here are some of Elwes’ most interesting thoughts on the independent film industry and his predictions for its future from his recent presentation at TIFF 2017.

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