3 Lessons We Learned From Aaron Sorkin’s Master Class at TIFF

By Justin Morrow

If Sorkin hadn’t been broke, alone and stuck in an apartment with no entertainment besides a typewriter, we may never have experienced some of the greatest scenes of stage and screen.

Aaron Sorkin’s track record on TV and in the movies speaks for itself, and so when he joined Kerri Craddock, TIFF’s Director of Programming, for an hour-long master class about his long career, there was a full house in Toronto. Here are three of the most interesting and useful points he shared.

1. Do away with unnecessary stuff

Before A Few Good Men was a movie, it was a Sorkin’s first play. The rights were acquired quickly, and he was brought on to adapt the work into a screenplay, though, as he recounted, “I’d never written a screenplay, I’d never read a screenplay.” Though he loved movies, he was ignorant of screenplays and so, “I went to…a book shop and I found a screenplay formatting book…after about three days, I threw it out the window because I was thinking, this just can’t be right.”

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