10 Movies Where The Characters Are More Interesting Than The Plots

By David Zou

What makes watching movies so fascinating? Have you ever walked out of the cinema feeling unsure of where you are and which part of the day you’re going through? A few seconds after the beginning of a movie, you often find yourself sucked into another world, one that’s not here nor there. You are mentally travelling in a space or place you can’t identify. This metaphysic experience of cinema consists of several elements and in order for it to be successful, at least some of them need to be studied thoroughly.

It’s common for directors to set the focus on one aspect more than another. Today we’ll be looking at a few films where the focus has been set on the characters. That doesn’t mean other aspects of the films have been left neglected. In some of the cases, this one part has somehow overshadowed the rest. In others, they seem to work together in order to make a greater whole. The following list gives some more details on the subject through 10 examples.

1. Taxidermia (2006, György Pálfi)

Taxidermia is set in three time periods, includes three generations and consists of three main characters. In all of the stories presented, the experience seems to adequately depict the reality of a Hungarian family. György Pálfi offers a very convincing and intriguing imagery through his excellent characters. Amongst them, an orderly of the Second World War who is obsessed with his constantly erect penis, an obese competitive eater and an ambitious taxidermist.

A movie that is very bravely showing humans being overtaken by their passions. The images are daring, confident and often humorous. Even though Pálfi seems to really like close ups, he does not hide what won’t fit in his frame. On the contrary, he adds shots → continue…

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