Watch: How Edgar Wright Expertly Crafts Sympathetic Protagonists

By Jon Fusco

It’s a theater of misunderstanding.

With four incredible films under his belt, it’s hard to deny that Edgar Wright has carved out a place for himself in cinematic history. His films like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Shaun of the Dead are immediately identifiable and there are countless lessons that aspiring directors, editors and screenwriters can take away from them.

“Wright is everything a filmmaker should aspire to be.”

In the words of video essayist Karsten Runquist, “Wright is everything a filmmaker should aspire to be. He has a unique style, perfect framing, good timing, great soundtrack choices, he knows how to work with actors, he knows when to be sad, when to be hilarious, and when to be awesome. The guy knows what he’s doing.”

One of the most crucial pieces of his craft is how Wright writes his protagonists. It is also the part that often gets most overlooked.

Runquist argues that the reason Wright’s protagonists are so likable is that they are misunderstood by the other characters who surround them in the story…a feeling we can all relate to.

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