5 Ways to Monitor Audio on Cameras That Don’t Have Headphone Jacks

By V Renée

Just because your camera doesn’t have a headphone jack doesn’t mean you can’t still monitor your audio.

There’s no such thing as a perfect camera, which is something you might know all too well if yours doesn’t have a headphone jack. For indie/no-budget filmmakers who frequently one-man-band it, monitoring audio on your camera is often the most sensible option, but there are quite a few cameras out there that don’t have an input for headphones. If you’re stuck in this boat and are in need of a low-cost solution, Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter offers five of them in the video below:

When it comes to monitoring audio for a feature or short, the best solution in most cases is to have a boom operator/sound recordist, but let’s get real—some of us barely have money to buy ramen let alone hire a crew. Perhaps even more tragically, some of us don’t know anyone who could do the job.

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From:: No Film School