5 Ways to Monitor Audio on Cameras That Don’t Have Headphone Jacks

By V Renée

Just because your camera doesn’t have a headphone jack doesn’t mean you can’t still monitor your audio.

There’s no such thing as a perfect camera, which is something you might know all too well if yours doesn’t have a headphone jack. For indie/no-budget filmmakers who frequently one-man-band it, monitoring audio on your camera is often the most sensible option, but there are quite a few cameras out there that don’t have an input for headphones. If you’re stuck in this boat and are in need of a low-cost solution, Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter offers five of them in the video below:

When it comes to monitoring audio for a feature or short, the best solution in most cases is to have a boom operator/sound recordist, but let’s get real—some of us barely have money to buy ramen let alone hire a crew. Perhaps even more tragically, some of us don’t know anyone who could do the job.

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Top 10 Hollywood Movies That Blatantly Glorify War

By Jordi Beukers

War is ugly, war is hell. It is has to be sold to the public in order to gain their support. Since the Vietnam War, the role of the media has increased significantly. The public opinion fell deeply as uncensored images and stories reached American households, the effects of which can be seen to this day. The patriotic message had to be molded in order to win back the hearts and minds of the people.

Cinema puts us in a dreamlike state where our emotions take over and we are persuaded to participate in the hero’s journey. We can be lured into believing there is a clear right and wrong, good and evil, when in reality the lines are blurry and gray. Regarding war, history is the judge of such matters, but the memory of people is short and malleable. The commercial industry sells products, so can war be sold. The interesting thing is that the tools and methods have far more in common than one may expect.

The relationship of the Pentagon in sharing the equipment and knowledge in trade for script rewrites with Hollywood is well known, but some filmmakers need few of these ‘artistic’ adjustments to put a shine on that military boot. Some of these films were made by people so deeply embedded with their own patriotism and admiration of the military that they just might be a little too blatant in trying to trick you into believing that war is a glorious thing.

10. Black Hawk Down

black hawk down

Ridley Scott is a one of the greatest directors to have ever graced our theater screens with his films, as a director who’s capable of philosophical questioning on a profound level. But when it comes to his portrayal of the military in this film, we → continue…

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Cineo Standard 410- a new phosphor-based, tunable white light

By Matthew Allard ACS

Cineo have announced a new phosphor-based, tunable white light called the Standard 410 (S410). The Standard 410 is ideal for lighting talent, sets and creating saturated colour effects. The company…

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25 Films We’re Looking Forward to at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival

By Scott Macaulay

The Toronto International Film Festival got underway today with Janus Metz’s Borg/McEnroe as Opening Night and a number of heavily anticipated Fall titles — including mother!, Battle of the Sexes, Downsizing, I, Tonya — making either their world or North American premieres. Vadim Rizov will be on the ground filing his critics dispatches for Filmmaker, and we’ll have select interviews and other editorial as the fest goes on. But before diving into our preview of 25 films we’re especially excited about, I want to comment on what may be TIFF’s biggest news this year, which arrived a week before the […] → continue…

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Sony VENICE- hands on at the LA launch event

By Erik Naso

I went to the Sony VENICE launch event at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City on Wednesday night. This was a chance to not only talk to Sony, but also get…

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Fujifilm Japan announces X Raw Studio conversion software

With the announcement of several new lenses and a new X-series body, Fujifilm also snuck in news of some new Raw conversion software. X Raw Studio, which will debut in November, works when the camera is connected to a Mac or PC via USB and uses the camera’s own image processing engine to convert Raw files to JPEGs. The software will support single image and batch conversions.

The GFX 50S, X-T2, X-Pro2 and X100F will be compatible with X Raw Studio, with support arriving first for the 50S and X-T2. Mac users will get the software first, in November 2017, with a Windows version arriving in January 2018.

Fujifilm announces development of new RAW conversion system “FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO”.

September 7, 2017

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced that it is developing a new RAW conversion system, “FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO”.

“FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO” enables users to quickly and easily convert RAW files with outstanding image quality, once a camera is connected to a Mac or PC via USB cable.

Exceptional image quality is retained, as the X RAW STUDIO system utilizes the X Processor Pro in the camera instead of the CPU in the computer,

Due to the increasing size of RAW files, users have found batch conversion to be an issue, as it takes more and more time as a result. However, using the high performance “X Processor Pro” processor, this batch conversion is handled far more efficiently as a result.

This new software is due to be available from late November 2017.

– Convert RAW images on the computer (Single / Batch Process)
– Preview converting images
– Save, load, or copy conversion profiles.
* Specifications, window images subject to change without notice.
* RAW conversion is compatible with a RAW file taken by the same model as → continue…

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Nominations Announced for the 2017 Metropolitan Fashion Awards Recognizing Outstanding Achievements in Fashion and Costume Design in Motion Pictures, Television and Live Performance

By Admin

Nominations for the 2017 METROPOLITAN FASHION AWARDS honoring outstanding achievements in fashion and costume design in motion picture, television, and live performance were announced today by Metropolitan Fashion Week Founder Eduardo Khawam. The winners will be revealed during the 5th Annual…

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The full impact of Sony’s Venice discussed [video]

By noreply@redsharknews.com (RedShark News Staff)

Interest in the new Venice camera is intensifying

Sony’s newly announced Venice is a hot topic right now. Fresh from the press conference, RedShark editor-in-chief David Shapton puts forward some thoughts and analysis on the new camera.

  • Sony
  • Venice
  • CineAlta
  • 6K
  • Full Frame

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    PODCAST: The 5 Most Critical Color Grading Mistakes Made By Filmmakers

    By Noam Kroll

    Color grading tools have become more accessible than ever, and as a result filmmakers are becoming hyper aware of the role that color plays in their work. Countless filmmakers are now training themselves in the art and science of color grading as a means to elevate the quality of their work without needing to rely on post-houses.

    That said, the color process as a whole still poses a steep learning curve, and many filmmakers jump into their color processes before being fully aware of the technical and creative challenges that they will be faced with.

    In this episode, I address 5 of the most common and most critical color grading mistakes made by filmmakers. Topics covered include: the importance of a correct order of operations, how to approach shot matching, why to never overprotect dynamic range, and much more.

    Check out Episode 22: The 5 Most Critical Color Grading Mistakes Made By Filmmakers

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    A Massive List of Fall 2017 Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About

    By Oakley Anderson-Moore

    The days are getting shorter, which means, it’s time to get your fall grants on!

    In between brainstorming your Halloween costume and stockpiling food for winter, you could also be getting money to make your next film. Below, find all the opportunities that grantmakers (and select contests) are offering up this Fall 2017.

    The following opportunities are organized by deadline, from September through very early December, and by category: documentaries, narratives, screenwriting, and new media. If you’re looking for a head-start on a different granting season, check out our most recent spring grants, summer grants, and winter grants roundups.

    Note: An asterisk next to the grant title means there is an equivalent grant for both doc and narrative films.

    As always, read the criteria carefully and use your best judgment when deciding to apply.

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    Polaroid teasers suggest company has a big film announcement planned

    Visitors to Polaroid.com are being greeted with a pop-up that teases a big announcement scheduled for September 13th. Though the company hasn’t revealed what exactly it has planned, the various teaser messages heavily hint that the announcement will involve film.

    Speculation abounds at the moment—including everything from expectations that Polaroid will begin producing its own chemical instant film again, to a possible announcement that Impossible Project’s film will be sold under the Polaroid name—and not without cause. The pop-up scrolls through several statements, including one that reads, “The most complex set of man-made chemical reactions ever. Coming September 13.”

    Yet another states, “Analog Dreams,” and another, “SX-70. OS. 600. Spectra. 8×10. Join the dots on September 13.”

    Earlier this year, Polaroid announced that Wiaczeslaw Smolokowski, The Impossible Project’s majority shareholder, had acquired its owner PLR IP Holdings, giving the Smolokowski family both the Polaroid brand and intellectual property. The Impossible Project has been working on bringing analog film back from the dead for years, and it’s hard to imagine the timing of Polaroid’s teaser is a coincidence.

    The Impossible Project currently offers a few different types of film under the Impossible brand through its website, including SX-70, Spectra, and 600. It is possible we could see this film being sold under the Polaroid name in the near future… or a whole new type of film may be announced by Polaroid itself.

    The cards do indicate that something bigger than just film is in the works, though, possibly hinting at big changes in how the two companies do business.

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    Sneak peek: Adobe is developing a ‘curvature pen tool’ for Photoshop CC

    Adobe is working on a new tool for Photoshop CC called the “Curvature Pen Tool,” and earlier today the software maker released this sneak peek video to show you how it will work.

    The tool—which will be added to “an upcoming release of Photoshop CC” according to Photoshop Product Manager Meredith Payne Stotzner—is very simple to use. It works by creating curved lines between points in your selection as you create a path. Each click adds a new point, clicking a point twice turns it into a sharp corner, and once your path is complete you can add, move and toggle points between rounded and sharp edges without ever changing to another tool.

    Watch the sneak peek above to see how Stotzner uses the tool, first to create a custom shape, and then to create a perfect selection of a window frame.

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    Watch: How Edgar Wright Expertly Crafts Sympathetic Protagonists

    By Jon Fusco

    It’s a theater of misunderstanding.

    With four incredible films under his belt, it’s hard to deny that Edgar Wright has carved out a place for himself in cinematic history. His films like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Shaun of the Dead are immediately identifiable and there are countless lessons that aspiring directors, editors and screenwriters can take away from them.

    “Wright is everything a filmmaker should aspire to be.”

    In the words of video essayist Karsten Runquist, “Wright is everything a filmmaker should aspire to be. He has a unique style, perfect framing, good timing, great soundtrack choices, he knows how to work with actors, he knows when to be sad, when to be hilarious, and when to be awesome. The guy knows what he’s doing.”

    One of the most crucial pieces of his craft is how Wright writes his protagonists. It is also the part that often gets most overlooked.

    Runquist argues that the reason Wright’s protagonists are so likable is that they are misunderstood by the other characters who surround them in the story…a feeling we can all relate to.

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    Profoto is bringing TTL and HSS to Fujifilm cameras with new Air Remote TTL-F

    Profoto is expanding its AirTTL product family for Fujifilm cameras, the company has announced, with the release of a new Profoto Air Remote TTL-F. This wireless radio transmitter is designed for use with a Fujifilm camera’s hot shoe, lending full HSS and TTL support with the Profoto Pro-10, D2, B1, B1X, and B2 flashes.

    This version of the Air Remote TTL was optimized for Fujifilm cameras in collaboration with Fuji itself, joining a lineup that includes Air Remotes for Sony, Canon, Nikon and Olympus cameras. The Fujifilm variant will retain all of the features of the existing Air Remote TTL models, meaning the Air Remote TTL-F will work from as far away as 1,000ft (300m), is capable of remote manual firing, and will offer three groups per channel with eight frequency channels.

    Profoto plans to start shipping the Air Remote TTL-F by the end of 2017.

    Press Release:

    Profoto TTL and HSS now for Fujifilm – Empowering your creativity

    Profoto today announces collaboration between Profoto and Fujifilm to offer optimized compatibility between Profoto flashes and Fujifilm cameras.

    When the unique Profoto AirTTL was first announced in November 2013, it revolutionized the photography industry by enabling a lean workflow and making it possible to seamlessly merge your camera with your flash. Now we are proud to include Fujifilm shooters in the AirTTL family, empowering photographers to be more creative and focus less on settings.

    “Together with Fujifilm, we are proud to announce our latest family member – the Air Remote TTL-F. Light is the essence of every image and the Profoto AirTTL makes light shaping easier. It unlocks new creative possibilities and helps you go from idea to final image faster. We are happy to help the world’s most ambitious image creators turn their ambition into reality,” says Anders Hedebark, President of → continue…

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    Attend Filmmaker Mag Talks with Safdies, Sean Baker, Barry Jenkins for Free

    By Liz Nord

    IFP has offered free entrance to No Film School readers for its incredible lineup of talks—if you act fast.

    IFP Film Week has long been a mecca for independent filmmakers to meet, connect with industry pros, pitch projects, and learn from a wide array of talks from some of the best in the business. This year, in celebration of the 100th issue of the IFP-produced Filmmaker Magazine, the organization has put together one of its most robust lineups yet for a special day of Filmmaker Magazine Talks.

    The prolific list of speakers is made up of those who have been featured in the magazine over its 25-year history, including the Safdie Brothers (Good Time), Sean Baker (Tangerine), Barry Jenkins and Adele Romanski (Moonlight), Dee Rees (Mudbound) and, of course, members of various classes of the magazine’s annual “25 New Faces of Independent Film” list, featuring our very own Ryan Koo.

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