Watch: Discover How Darren Aronofsky Expresses Obsession Through Sound

By Max Winter

You can look away, but the sound of obsession will still bore into your brain.

What do we mean when we call a film “sensual”? Or “tactile”? Or “lush”? Or “rich”? Or “intense”? Normally, words like those are code for visual power: for deep, dramatic colors; for luxurious long shots; for blinding whites or suffocating darkness.

And yet what about the sound? We tend to notice when a soundtrack works or doesn’t work, but the ambient sound and its manipulations aren’t always called into account when we talk about a film’s merits. Daniel Crowley’s new video essay does just that, examining how Darren Aronofsky’s use of sound in films such as Pi and Black Swan makes a substantial difference in viewer experience—perhaps all the difference? Aronofsky, in fact, is exemplary in exploding background noises into metaphors, in ratcheting up the tension in a story by simply building on… what’s there.

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