The Quickshot app adjusts your photography in real time

Lightricks, the makers of the portrait-enhancing app Facetune, has launched its latest product, an iOS app called Enlight Quickshot. The app’s name references its core-feature, the quickshot mode which automatically aligns your photos, fixes exposure and shows filter options in real-time, in the preview image before you press the shutter button.

The idea behind the feature is to show you what your image should look like before you even capture, rather than enhancing your photo in a post-processing step. The app also offers a strobe mode that captures motion with a simulated “strobe effect”.

An HDR mode helps balance difficult lighting situations and a range of adjustable scene presets, for example portraits, nature or urban let you pick the best settings for a specific purpose. Advanced users can customize the presets in line with personal preference.

Power-users will also appreciate a batch editor mode that lets you define a style in terms of filter, brightness, depth and other parameters, and then apply it to multiple images in one go.

Like other apps in the Lightricks portfolio Quickshot is offered as a subscription model. The app is free to download and many functions are accessible at no charge. However, if you want to unlock Quickshot’s complete potential you’ll have to shell out for an unlimited access subscription which is $1.99 per month, $0.83 per month if you pay for a year upfront, or $19.99 for life.

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